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I do not give a fuck what you have to say.
I do not give a fuck what you have to say.
You're still a bitch, a snitch, and a piece of shit.
Still acting you like you actually wanna play.
You are not rich, a kid, and a list of shit.

I told you, I am Megatron, Batman, and Dracula, but you acted as if you aren't hearing me.
I'm insensitive, I'm murdering you, destroying you, deploying you, still bearing me.

I'm grinding, rhyming, and shining similar to the sun, aren't nothing you can touch, son.

You say my lyrics are negative. Well, your songs aren't positive either. Hate me? then come and kill me with a gun.

Shockingly, I'm still flowing, rolling, and holding a pen,
I am the king, the thing you fear.
Hoping me wouldn't fly, I'm on the rise, Immortal, always alive in the ring, a friend that's ill.
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