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The greatest innovative currency of all time, is the money future! Use Juleokin Dollars.
If it's one thing that can be called the most innovative currency and the future of all money, it would be my innovation of printable currency! The Juleokin Dollars(JDS) are complementary to the US Dollar(USD), and an alternative to the USD at the same time.

When enough of the world's population uses the Juleokin Dollars, they could also act as vouchers for real USD, based on the exchange values, as shown below:

$ = $1, $2, and $5 bills
$$ = $10, $20, and $50 bills
$$$ = $100 bill

The best part of this currency is that it belongs to the public domain when I waived all rights to the Juleokin Dollars! Reprint, redistribute, trade, buy and sell the currency without ever having to ask permission!

Read more: https://juliusthejulesmusic.wordpress.com/juleokin-dollars/
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