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Rated: E · Poetry · Biographical · #2202520
A message for the negative people
I know who I am and it's not what you see.
Beneath the surface there is much more to me.
It cuts me deeply when I'm judged so freely,
I wish you would see me more ideally.

When you see anger, I know I'm caring,
My temper peaks when frustration is flaring.
If I didn't care I wouldn't speak out,
I try to stay calm; not scream and shout.

I know who I am - I am kind and good,
I treat other people as I was taught I should.
I'll give you my all if I have nothing.
Yet you ignore, continue misjudging.

You hear my words and change the intent,
Deciding you know better just what I meant.
I say what I mean and I mean what I say,
I don't communicate in any other way.

I know I'm not funny, sharp or witty,
I'm dark, sarcastic and a little gritty.
I know I'm seen as quite abrasive,
I can also be charming and persuasive.

Of course I get it wrong, fall down,
Instead of a smile you'll see a frown.
I shut down, close off or vent it out.
Sometimes I will cry, sulk or maybe pout.

I know my worth, my depth of feeling.
I also see traits that are unappealing.
You see it too and think that's me,
Overlooking the goodness you see.

I know myself and how hard I try,
Your views of me have made me cry.
Stupid, cruel, aggressive even...
Not even close: I'm smart and driven.

You'll think of me as you will,
I've said my piece and still...
Me being me, I'll let it slide.
I'm not bitter, cruel or snide.

I know who I am, I exist in this vessel.
I live through all the troubles that I wrestle.
I will always be misunderstood,
You'll think of me as bad or good.

In either instance that's just fine,
My soul is pure and only mine.
Of course it hurts when you misunderstand,
But your opinions of me can just be damned.
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