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Two kids, one story. A high school of Mythics and things mortals consider beasts
Part 1

New Girl

Chapter 1

I guess living in Kamakura isn’t that bad. I mean it’s south of Tokyo. Hi, my name’s Soul, I’m a shy wolf boy that goes to Dragon-Claw high school. “Hello and welcome to your homeroom. I am your teacher Mr. Reo.” I wasn’t listening, I was too busy looking at the door. I heard rumors that there's going to be a new girl in our class. “SOUL!” Mr. Reo yelled. “S-sorry....” I said quietly. That’s when the door opened. A wolf girl walked in. She had long blue hair tied up in two ponytails, she had light blue eyes and was wearing a white and blue skirt with a navy-blue shirt. She’s kind of cute I thought as she walked in. "OH...Everyone this is our new student Winter Kanemoto. Would you like to tell us about yourself?” Mr. Reo asked “O-Ok. My name is Winter Kanemoto, I’ve lived in the United States for most of my life. My mom lived here, in Kamakura when she was younger. My parents are divorced, so I moved here with my mom. My mom is a Meif’wa and my dad is a werewolf.” She told the class. “Why is your name Winter?” asked my friend Haro. “My mom named me after my grandma’s middle name. She passed away before I was born though.” Winter answered. She seemed upset to think about it. “Thank you Winter you may have a seat.” Mr. Reo dismissed her. “Soul, may I see you please.” I heard Mr. Reo say from his desk. I slowly sank into my seat then got up. I walked over to his desk with my head low feeling embarrassed I had to be up there. “yes?” I asked as my wolf ears twitched. Mr. Reo hesitated before he spoke, “I would like you to show Winter around the school after class ok.” Mr. Reo finally told me. “O-ok,” I answered a bit confused about why he hesitated. “Thank you. Maybe then you can show me you are responsible. You may have a seat.” he dismissed me. Cool. I get to show her around the school!

“Ring!” That’s the bell. “Winter, Soul. Please come here.” Mr. Reo said at the end of the class. “Winter this is Soul, he will be showing you around the school.” Mr. Reo said. “Ok.” Standing right by her, I realized she smells like cotton candy. Woah, she smells so sweet I thought. “Ok, you are dismissed.” Mr. Reo said. Both of us walked out of class. At first, I didn’t know what to do until I decided to show her where the GYM was. “This is the gym. We have try-outs for any sports in a few days.” I told her. “Do you have a swim team here?” Winter asked. “Yes, we have them meet every day.” “When are the swim team tryouts?” She asked. “Their next week Wednesday.” I answer. “hey, you ok?” I asked. “Y-Yay...” She answered. “Ok. Let’s go see the pool.” I said to change the subject. We walk to the pool, café, eating area, and the roof where we took a break. “Man, this school is huge!” Winter said. “Sure is.” I replied. Winter sighed in a sad way, it concerned me. “Hey, are you sure you're ok Kanemoto?” I ask her. "I-I just miss my friends from the U.S. that's all” she replied in a sad seeming tone. I couldn't help but feel sympathy “Hey, don’t feel so bad. I understand how you feel.” I said thinking about the girl I made a promise to. It had been about 10 years since I've seen her and I forgot the girls' name. Wonder what she's up to. That’s when I realized that Winter had a necklace with a key on it. It was as blue as ice and seemed hard to miss as it reflected the sun's glare. “I guess that helps.” She said. I looked away from her necklace and said, “Y-yay.” I am such an idiot; I wasn’t even paying attention to her! I wonder what that key is for though. It seems special to be like ice and she wore it to school I asked myself. “So, where are we going next?” Winter asked. “Oh umm... how about,” I thought for a second. “Oh, I know, let's go to the back. I want to show you something.”

We both walked down the stairs to the bottom floor and walk to the back. “Close your eyes it’s a surprise.” I told her. “I am not good at keeping my eyes closed.” she said with a smile. Her smile was as beautiful as a sunset and I couldn't help but smile back. “Fine, I will cover your eyes then.” I said as I walked behind Winter and covered her eyes with my hands. Holly crap, her skin is warm! I said blushing. As I helped her get over to the back of the school without hurting her I couldn't help but think about the necklace. “Ok, now look.” I moved my hands from her eyes to show her a wonderful garden in the back of the school. “Wow! You guys have a garden!” She said shocked at the mythical plants that grow there. Her eyes glittered in the sunlight as she looked at the garden. “Yep, I do most of the work though.” I said sarcastically. “I feel like I walked into Wonder Land.” she said with a laugh. “Come on, I want to see it up close!” she grabbed my hand and pulled me as she ran closer to the garden. “Hey, slow down Winter!” I tried to slow her down but she didn't slow down. I couldn't help but notice her blush as she kept running. “Hey, watch out for that rock!” I yelled. “What Rock-” She asked but before she knew it, she tripped and fell on the hard ground Letting go of my hand. “That rock... You ok?” I asked as I kneeled next to her. “Yay... Ow!” she flinched at the pain. “It doesn’t sound like you're okay.” I said sarcastically. “Can you stand?” I asked her tilting my head looking at her scratch. “I don’t know...Ow.” She said as she bit her lips. I could tell she was trying not to cry from the pain. “Try to stand up. I’ll help you.” I grabbed her hand to lift her up to her feet. “OW!” she yelped in pain. Her wolf ears went down and she closed her eyes tightly to stop the tears. “Sorry. I guess you can’t walk with that pain.” I said observing the cut on her leg from the fall. She sighed, “I guess not. It’s almost the end of the day and I need to get home but, I don't think I'll be able to with this cut.” I felt sorry and wanted to help but how? The bell rang and we both looked. “Dang it! How can I get home now?” she shook her head and let out a sigh. I could see tears forming in her eyes and whipped them off. “Hey, don’t cry. It’s ok, we can find a way to get you home.” I said with a smile to try and cheer her up. “How about we see is anyone is still at the school and maybe they can call your parents so they can pick you up. Here, I can help.” I reach out my hand to help her off the ground. Her hand was as soft as snow. I ignored that though so I could help her up. “Thanks.” She said with a fake smile but I could tell it pained her to try and walk. "How about this." I said and before she knew it, I lifted her up and put her on my back as if giving her a piggyback ride. "Eep!" She squeaked clinging onto my back. It was obvious she didn't like hight. Man I feel bad for her. It's her first day here and she accidentally cut her knee. Hopefully it isn't too bad.
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