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A wolf's TAIL (Get it?)
Chapter 1

The beginning

I was a ghost wolf that no one notices. Well, almost no one notices. There was only one wolf in the pack that always saw me and was always there for me, Lightning. Lightning was the son of the Alpha and Beta, youngest of his litter with two brothers Thunder and Flame. Flame was the oldest and Thunder was the middle pup. I had a brother who went to live in Star Den with mom and dad. Star Den was a place of darkness and sadness, where those who have pasted from this world to the final life in what humans call heaven. My parents would always tell me and my brother stories about Heaven and our ancestors who watch over us. I never believed these stories until I watch my brother die and left me alone in the woods. I could still hear his voice telling me run even when I was paralyzed with pain and fear. As soon as the bear was gone, and I was able to move, I ran back to the pack fear struck. That’s when Lightning started to notice me, I wasn’t paying attention and I accidentally bumped into him. When I ran into him the pain in my back returned and once again, I couldn’t move or get up to my paws. I winced with pain and horror. “my b-brother, m-my big b-brother" I whimpered quietly. Lightning had no idea what to do, he was frightened and worried. He lay beside me and nuzzled my forehead telling me “it’s ok, it’s going be ok.” I continued to whimper. My brother was gone, and I had no family to take care of me. I was the Omega which meant I didn’t learn how to hunt, swim, or even RUN! Which was very important. Soon, we had to move onto the next territory. Lightning's parents were looking for him and Thunder found me and him on the far side of the forest. Lightning’s parents didn’t know who my parents were or if I was a lone wolf. I was named Ghost even though I already had a name, Lunar. I excepted the name though. I didn’t want to remember my past life but, I still have flashbacks at times.
Lightning was already awake when I woke up today like usual. I weakly got up and yawned as I stretched. Lightning looked over to see me awake. He walked over to tell me good morning like usual but Flame blocked his way and growled at him to back off. Flame never liked me and he tried his best to have Lightning stay away from me.
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