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Mental illness exists everywhere, even in fantasy

         "Want to see something terrifying?" Harris asked his squad of friends jokingly.

         "Yes!" they responded in excited anticipation.

         "There it is," Harris announced, pointing to Melda.

         "What's the matter?" Melda asked accusingly upon noticing Harris's actions.

         "Uh, nothing," Harris averted.

         "I know something's the matter," Melda said as she glared icy blue daggers at him.

         "He says you're terrifying," Belinda blurted.

         "It's true," Harris admitted. "You are mean. One minute you're quietly taking notes in potions class, and then, out of nowhere, you snap and scream at everyone for ignoring you, or whatever it is we did wrong. It's so bad that I can't even bear to be in the same room as you at times."

         "I agree with him," added Samantha. "I can't fucking stand your shit, either. Like Harris, I have to leave the room whenever you get pissy because you're too scary to handle."

         "How could you say that?!" Melda raised her voice on the verge of tears. "I thought you guys were my friends!"

         "We never said we weren't," Samantha replied. "We don't like it when you- "

         "You were making fun of me behind my back. Friends don't do that shit."

         "Then maybe we don't want to be friends with you," Belinda rebutted impulsively.

         Belinda's words hit Melda like a punch to the gut from a rock golem. "Fine! I don't want you idiots as my friends, anyway! All you do is disappoint me!" She then ran away to the bathroom to sob.


         For the rest of the school day, Melda stayed hush about what happened in the courtyard. Once classes were over, she met Walnut, her two-tongued bakeneko companion, in the forest encircling the magic school.

         "I'm so sick of Harris and his goons," Melda lamented to Walnut. "I have no friends because of him and all the nasty things he says about me. You're all I have."
         Walnut panted as Melda stroked her.

         "It's a damn good thing that my parents, despite their full-blood heredity, sent me to a muggle hospital for my diagnosis. That way, most typical people would understand the plights of my anxiety- that is, if I were an average person like them. I'm not like the common muggles, and they can tell. I know they can! Those muggles would kill to have my powers, but they don't realize the burden I carry. There are laws banning magic use around muggles for a reason. If they saw what I'm capable of, they'd immediately deem me a threat, especially since no one knows when I'm going to snap, not even my fellow wizards.

         "Speaking of them, it's even worse around them with this condition. Nobody here likes me, so I have to compensate by upstaging everyone at everything I do." Melda began crying. "I don't want to compete with them; I want to have friends and be happy like the others around me. I can't have that, though, so I have to fend for myself. What am I supposed to do?! I can't tell my classmates about my diagnosis. They wouldn't understand; wizard culture doesn't believe in the muggle psychology that has helped me."

         Melda, out of awareness of her mythical beast companion's presence, took a deep breath to calm down. "I hope I'm not scaring you, Walnut."

         Walnut remained in Melda's lap, purring as she panted.

         Melda sighed in comfort and stroked Walnut's head. "I can get through this struggle. As long as I have you, I'll never feel alone."
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