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Rated: E · Fiction · Mystery · #2202868
Musings of an antagonist delighted in the problems it causes.
I'm Still Here

Kathleen McNamara

Well, another one stymied. I can not believe I have been able to keep everyone at bay for as long as I have. I really thought my cover was blown this time. The old man was the only one to come close to exposing my secret. Over the years, I have never seen anyone as persistent as that guy. But despite his best efforts, he still did not uncover the final piece of evidence that would prove his theory.

I can not rest easy despite the passing of the old man. Pity. He was proving to be a worthy opponent. I was privy to the conversations with his closest confidants, his wife and grandson. Because he knew he was not completely sure of his findings, everything was couched in stories, hints and puzzles to be solved. One of his elaborate stories completely entranced his wife. So much so, she retells his story the same time every year. The grandson has no idea that the tale she has been telling him has some very deep roots in the truth. Way to close for comfort for my taste.

I like staying out of the limelight. My current situation suits me fine. Intimate surroundings with the appropriate amount of fawning from those who are in my presence. It has been a very cushy existence and I am not ready to give it up.

What bothers me the most is the fact that the old man has left a road map for the kid. Not so much of a kid anymore, I suppose. He is well versed in the subjects that will lead to him unmasking me. The old gentleman bequeathed his collection of hints and clues that will finally expose me for what I am. Because, when he makes that final discovery, I can kiss my cushy world goodbye.

I can only hope that all of the other current circumstances occupying the grandson will afford me a bit more anonymity. I really get my kicks frustrating and aggravating those who try to figure out who I am.

So I can only do what I do best. Remain silent and observant and drive my opponents crazy as they try to bring an end to this age old game of mine.
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