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Rated: ASR · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2203093
A 369 word story written for the October 2019, PersonITfication contest.
Stone Dust.

It's getting very near to that time of year when I have to make a bit of dust. Stone dust! Don't get the idea that I've been shirking for the remaining three hundred and sixty four days, but I've just been peeking out from beneath almost closed lids.

My job is to guard against demons and other supernatural invaders. If they so much as dare to get near, I'll see them off or become rubble trying. That's what I, a gargoyle, have been created to do.

It's not easy getting those lids to budge. It takes effort, makes dust, and soon my eyes will be able to focus. The light is a bit dazzling; an over-cast day is much kinder to those orbital orbs when they have been sealed almost shut for a year minus a day.

That's not the only dust cloud though. Smell can be handy in locating the ghouls, especially those of the walking dead sort. The rot precedes them in a fuggy, stenching fog. Timing is important this time, it needs a snort to clear out the nasal passages, and I've never been able to master the silent snort in all my years of trying. No one around so here goes!

Another cloud of stone dust says that I've succeeded.

I'm going to have to shake out the dust that is blocking my ears too. This is going to be the messiest process so far. I've got two choices, really. I could break my neck free so that I could give my head a rapid, forceful shake; or I could free a leg, let loose a claw and scrape the stone away. Sometimes, I've got to admit, the first option doesn't work so today I'll go for the second and give my ear canals a good old scrape.

Ahh, that's better. My senses are all in place. Let them come, if they dare.

Should they approach, I'll leap in to action, launching myself with a loosening of wings and a downpour of dust and stone fragments. I'll stretch my jaws as wide as they will go, cough out the crumbles, the shards and the rubble, and make those evil monsters regret they picked this place.

(369 words).

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