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chapter 1 for NaNoWriMo
Plot background story
chapter 1 - WC 531

Jasmine Jade Jurgensen wandered out of lunch at the Jersey Lily for the bathroom facilities. The bathrooms, if you could call them that, were ‘out back’. As she wandered back to her family and the restaurant, she saw the old Ingomar school and strayed in that direction.

The book was thick, but then the covers seemed to make most of the book. It was encrusted with jewels. That was what Jasmine saw in the dust. The jewels sparkled just the tiniest bit. Some of the windows were missing and dust motes danced in the strong summer sun. A stray sun ray hit one of the jewels on the book cover and caught her eye.

“Well, hello! What are you?” She blew off the dust and fell to the floor with the book, not worrying about the dirt on her jean shorts. Red, green, blue and yellow jewels covered the face of the book. Jasmine opened to the title page and written in blue ink was the inscription: 'To Judy - with all my love, James’.

She closed the book with a snap. ‘Judy - James.’ Couldn’t be. Opened the book again. She traced the names with her finger. It sure did look like…..

Voices were coming close to where she sat. She put the book back on the floor and covered it with dust again.

“Jasmine Jade? Where are you! We’re ready to leave!” Her dad’s cry was right outside.

She ran to the back door and around to the side. “Here I am!” She ran up to her family.

“We’ve been looking for you. What’re you doing?”

“Oh, just exploring. Nothing much.”

Mom brushed dirt and dust from her hair and jeans just a bit too harshly in Jasmine’s opinion. “You’re all dirty! You shouldn’t go in the old school, you know. It’s unsafe in there. That floor will cave in one of these days.”

Everyone walked on to the car. Jasmine, her mom and dad and three brothers all piled into the truck and headed for the 6BarJ ranch. The trip took better part of an hour and wound through the bottom land along the Musselshell River. Jasmine loved the drive. You could often see mule deer or elk, water birds, and if it was a really good day, a bald eagle on its perch.

The ranch was in sight soon enough and the dogs met them at the sheep sheds. Bonnie and Butch barked their hellos as everyone piled out of the vehicle and hurried to change into chore clothes.

The bums let out their bellows for Jasmine to feed them. She loved feeding the bum lambs. The orphans had latched onto her as their surrogate mom and followed her everywhere. She hurried into her overalls and muck boots and got the bottles ready. It took some preparation to get the feeding ready for 40 lambs.

As she fed her charges, Jasmine thought about the book she left in the old school. Why was it there? Who would have left such a wonderful old book behind? Surely no one would leave something encrusted with jewels in an abandoned building. Should she tell someone about it?
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