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Everything was perfect until...

Shooting his companion a sideways glance, Anwar heaved another great sigh.

"What is it?" Evinrude asked, impatiently rolling his eyes.

"This is boring."

"Well, what did you expect to happen, Anwar?"

"I don't know. I thought...."

"It's extra credit. That's all. You knew going in that we were just gonna sit here. Just...sit here and make sure nobody looked under the veil."

"I'm gonna look under there."

"Anwar, we're not doing that. It's just two hours of responsibility. The instructions were simple."

Silent again, Anwar twirled one of his dark, curly locks on his finger. He shot a glance at the black kerchief, shaped like the cloche beneath, obscuring whatever wonderment lay unseen.

"What's under there?" He pecked.

"It's none of our business!" Evinrude was vexed. "We agreed at the start that whatever the Professor had going on was no concern of ours. We're first years, Anwar!"

"Well, it's something." Anwar pinched at the edge of the veil, inviting a smack on the hand from his cohort.

"OW! You can't..." Grimacing, Anwar reached again for the shroud out of both jest and spite.

"Get!...Anwar, STOP!" Evinrude, pseudo-annoyed, playfully slapped his friend's mitts away from the mysterious prize, only serving to encourage a second and third attempt. The two grappled right up to the point that a missed swing or errant elbow sent the object crashing to the floor.

In a instant, a hundred creatures, blue and tiny, scurried from beneath the crumpled cover and broken glass and disappeared out the windows and throughout the room.

"Now we're in for it." Evinrude picked up a remnant of the shattered container and held it up for a better look. There was writing scrawled across that piece:

Do Not Open. Gremlins--Dr. A. Pandora

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