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The Candy Store Caper
Daily Writers Cramp Win prompt: some neighborhood kids plan a Halloween candy heist.

“The big time,” said Jake. He waited.

“I said . . . “ Jake sneezed.

“You can say that again.” Bonnie Jean, a year older than Jake’s nine, jabbed a finger in his ribs tickling for another explosion. She never left an opportunity unexplored to remind Jake he came across as ‘The Black Widow Spider Club’ clown rather than its masterful leader.

Nancy poked her head up into the club's treehouse sceaming, “I’ll tell mom.”

Jake studied his tribe, wiped his nose on his sleeve and sighed. “Girls.” He was the only male member. He had not even come up with the name. Bonnie Jean had. Black Widow female spiders were the most feared female spider ever. Each girl, and Jake, wore a red hourglass tattoo drawn on their left shoulder with one of Mom’s sketching pens.

“I am going to be Queen Of Sheba for Halloween,” Julie announced out of the blue.

“No. We have to wear ski masks, have burglar bags and look like robbers for this to work. We are going to rob the corner candy store on Halloween night.” Jake had finally got their attention.

Bonnie Jean sniffed at the idea, “We can’t rob it. We already own it. That’s where mom and dad work all day.”

Nancy stared wide-eyed from face to face, “I’m going to tell mom.”

Jake had had enough. He stood up, bouncing his head off the clubhouse wooden roof, and yelled, “Shut up. You don’t understand. Whoever brings the most Trick-or-Treat candy to school after Halloween wins first place and a free trip to Disneyland. How about them apples?”

“I know that. Mom and dad are the ones sponsoring it.”

Bonnie Jean threw out that secret with some pride. “I heard dad and mom fighting about it in their bedroom saying naughty words to each other. When mom started crying dad gave in. She always wins when she uses tears.”

Things were getting out of control. Jake wondered why he’d ever wanted to be a club leader when Bonnie Jean offered it to him. This was his first big plan and no-one wanted to follow him. “Got a better idea?”

Julie began studying how to dress up like a queen again.

Nancy’s ears turned like radar, her hair flapping in the cool October wind. She couldn’t wait to tell mom the latest bit of kid news. Mom depended on her telling secrets. It is how she managed to raise her brood without the family having to move like a skipping stone over water. The kids were polished trouble makers. In her imagination, she saw them having to leave home after home,

“Listen up.” Jake motioned his gang into a huddle. His voice whispered and wove a soft spell of magic in and out of their listening ears. Bonnie Jean’s eyes widened. Her lips trembled, wanting to make light of what she was hearing but her teeth clamped shut. Julie’s daydream of becoming the Queen of Sheba floated away into the castle in the sky where it had been born. Nancy’s ears stopped itching. The desire to tell all to her mom, for once, lay on a silent tongue.

Halloween night came with its usual drama. “Where’s my tool kit?” Jake cried out. “Who stole my ski mask?” Was Julie’s reply. “I can’t dad’s flashlight,” swore Nancy. “This is never going to happen. We’re late already,” wailed Bonnie Jean.

It was past midnight. The team glaring at each other inside the treehouse was in a dither, shouting at each other to hush-up or mom and dad would wake up. “We’ll figure it out later. Let’s go,” Jake slid down the homemade fire pole, his heart jumping around in his chest. It was ‘do or die’ time and he wasn’t giving up on his plan.

“You didn’t forget mom’s keys, did you? We’ll never get in if you did,” Bonnie Jean’s eyes flashed lightning reflected from the full moon overhead.

Julie raised and dangled the keys making them rattle together like a rattle-snake warning. “Mom let me clean her purse. I don’t know how I’m going to get them back inside.”

Nancy stopped trying to glance both ways at once, grabbed them and went to the candy store’s back door. “This is so exciting.” She fumbled with the lock, her small fingers shaking so much, Jake had to finish getting them inside.

“What’s that noise?” hissed Julie.

“Why, they are grabbing everything,” Nancy moaned.

“How’d mom and dad get in here already?” wondered Bonnie Jean, but the shadows dancing together in the front of the candy store didn’t look familiar at all.

“Listen. Someone else is stealing stuff. What are we going to do?” Jake poked his nose around a corner. Sure enough, two burglars were filling their bags with the big cash haul from the store’s major candy sale for Halloween.

All four sets of eyes were glued to the spot as the pair of intruders grabbed expensive ‘this and that’s’, adding to their greedy pile of goods.

“Keep ‘em busy.” snarled Bonnie Jean.

Jake spider crawled into place, shot an invisible hand out, and the grand opening picture on the wall shivered and fell. Julie bit laughter off her lip opened a big can of caramel sauce beside Jake and spread it out on the floor. Nancy punched the on button. Halloween spooky sounds from the audio player blasted out witch cackles, ghostly shivers of boo, and demon shrieks of horror.

Two grown and desperate men along with their big bags of goods flew in the air and landed stuck together in the goo.

Sirens blasted the air. ‘I dialed 911,” Bonnie Jean yelled, “Take their bags of
candy and run.”

The kids won the Disneyland contest with their secret stolen gain. The cops, burglars and parents left in the dark about how the candy store heist had gone wrong.

Perfection being obtained, The kids gave up their tricks along with their treats and never planned another misadventure.

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