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"Normal" just changed forever...

Snatching away the chunk of glass, Anwar wrapped it quickly within the folds of the thick black cloth that had until recently been a bulwark to the chaos that now reigned around them.

The lights sputtered on and off as he made a frantic attempt to mop up the million awful pieces that both the cloche, and their futures, had become.

"Evinrude! Help me!"

The demand jarred him from his stupor. He'd been imagining a life bereft of the privileges he'd expected to enjoy since his scholarship had come through.

"W-what are we going to do? What were those things?"

"Trouble! We need to get this mess cleaned up!" Anwar had become serious for the first time since the pair had become friends in middle school back in Ackabaw. "We're going to fix this and then I'm never going to come back here!"

He'd barely uttered the sentence when a pair of the tiny blue, winged critters scurried out from beneath a counter, snickered and seized a loose corner of the kerchief, now a bundle containing all of the pieces Anwar had thus gathered. He was shocked by how much strength the sum-bitches had as they sprang into the air, jerking the package from his grasp and spraying the room with ever smaller shards of their former prison.

Something zipped past Evinrude's head. A flask smashed, dashed against the wall by one of these little blue devils. Another toppled a burner and one entire side of the room exploded into flames.

The sudden heat dispelled any daze that Evinrude had suffered heretofore.

"OUT!!" He screamed as he snatched up his friend and made for the door. All of them burst into the crowded corridor beyond. Evinrude, Anwar...and those dreadful little beasts.

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