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Night of the party
Chapter 3: Night of the Party

Sultry Latina Alondra Adonis gave her classmate Terra Torrance a ride to a party. They got out of Alondra’s small pickup truck around the corner from the party house. They walked up to the front door where several people were standing around talking, then went inside. Once they were in the dining room, a crowd of college students were crowded around the dining room table. Alondra and Terra had to look over the shoulders of the other people to see what they were looking at.

“Micros!” said Alondra, “They’re looking at a group of Micros.”

A reporter from their junior college newspaper had a camcorder and a microphone aimed at a male Micro who was sitting on an upside down thimble next to an empty glass casserole dish. A small futuristic device that resembled a ray gun was next to the other items. There were other Micros sitting on a length of cardboard that had been cut and folded to resemble a bench.

“So you volunteer to get swallowed at parties?” the female reporter asked.

“Yes, we need to make a living somehow,” said the Micro. “So many Micros have cultivated a reputation for being pests by stealing food from normal sized humans, I felt the need to prove our worth by making an honest living.”

“Who will swallow you tonight?” the reporter asked.

“I can answer that,” said an athletic blonde female college student. Her long blonde hair was pulled into two long braids on either side of her head. “We held a drawing earlier, and those who wanted to swallow a Micro paid for a ticket for ten bucks a shot. Dozens of us bought tickets, some people bought more than one, and my ticket was selected, so I get to swallow this little guy!”

“What’s with the casserole dish?” the reporter asked.

“It’s for me to vomit him back up,” the blonde woman replied. “If we used too deep of a container, the Micro could drown.”

“How exactly will you induce vomiting?” The reporter asked.

The blonde woman picked up the futuristic device that resembled a gun. “With this device! It’s a neural stimulator, it affects the area of the brain that causes us to vomit. It’s one of the many examples of technology that the Micros have shared with the people of Earth.” She set the device back on the table.

“Let’s get this party started!” shouted a guy in the crowd.

The blonde woman grabbed the Micro and said, “l guess it’s tummy time!” She lifted the tiny one centimeter tall man above her mouth, and said, “Prepare to journey to the belly of a goddess!” The other party goers could see her shirt rise as she lifted the Micro, revealing her navel ring. The blonde woman dropped the Micro into her mouth, and forced him to the back of her throat with her powerful tongue. Saliva washed over the tiny man as she swallowed him, sending him dropping swiftly down her esophagus. When he was firmly and unequivocally within the depths of her belly, the cute blonde raised her arms in victory and stuck her tongue out, as if to prove her prey had been successfully vanquished. The people in the room cheered loudly.

Before the blonde woman could reach for the neural stimulator, Alondra’s cell phone rang. She answered it, and after speaking for less than a minute, she put her phone back in her pocket and told her friend Terra, “Do you want to ride with me to the city of Mojave?”

“Where’s that?” Terra asked.

“It’s about fifty miles East of Bakersfield. My cousin found a saucer shaped scout ship about three feet in diameter, and my Uncle built an electromagnetic pulse bomb that disabled it. She wants me to drive over there and pick it up, and see if I can sell some Micros and split the profits with her.”

“Yeah, we don’t have school tomorrow, but let’s see if that Micro survived first!” said Terra.

They watched as the blonde woman used the neural stimulator to make herself vomit into the casserole dish. She fished the Micro she had swallowed out of the vomit, and he was alive and well. The group of college students started clapping.

“Okay, let’s go on a road trip!” said Alondra. The two college girls exited the party and headed back to Alondra’s pickup truck.

“It’s a good thing I didn’t drink alcohol at that party,” said Alondra, “I’ve got a lot of driving to do tonight!”

To Be Continued!
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