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Dreams, that place where human mind can find peace after another day. But not always...
Another day had passed, leaving along with worries and fears, making room for the night.

It was a very tranquil night, if not a bit windy, and a full moon shone in the sky, accompanying people's dreams with its soothing light. And soon, you would join those people in a realm that belonged only to you, the most intimate section of human's mind, one's subconscious.

Yawning deeply, you slid underneath the blankets of your bed to shield yourself from the cold, laying your head on the soft pillow, ready to embrace the darkness and let it carry away the memories of a stressing day.

Your eyes closed, your mind tried to rid itself of all thoughts, until nothing remained; your breathing gradually grew slower, just like your heartbeat. You just had to wait until sleep finally carried your consciousness away.

Moments passed, becoming minutes that in turn faded away as well.

However, you didn't seem able to fall asleep.

You turned and shifted over and over, trying to find a more comfortable position to sleep, but your best efforts to sleep didn't have any effect. You simply couldn't manage to drift off tonight.

A huff escaped from your mouth. You decided to make no more effort, to sleep when sleep decided to pay you a visit.

An hour passed, and you still couldn't fall asleep despite your exhaustion.

Then, suddenly, you felt that your throat was dry.

Groaning, you pulled the blankets off yourself and got up from bed, slouching to the door of your room.

You placed a hand on the handle and shivered - it was inexplicably cold. You opened the door and stepped out of your room, only to find yourself in a tight, long hallway you couldn't recognize.

You were confused, and began a walk through the hallway, noting that it stretched further into darkness.

A bit scared, you slowly took a step after another, wondering what was happening. A voice in your mind was telling you to stop, but your body was driven by the curiosity to find out what was happening.

Eventually, after what felt hours of walking, you came to a halt when you stepped in front of a door.

It was a sleazy wooden door that seemed like it could fall apart at any moment, but that wasn't what draw your attention.

A single word was carved, or maybe clawed, in the wooden surface.


You took a step back, intimidated. Beware of what? What was behind this door? You quickly decided you didn't want to know, and turned around to walk back the way you came.

However, the rest of the hallway you just walked in seemed to have disappeared, replaced by a solid wall.

You really had no choice but go past this door, it appeared.

Gathering all the courage you could muster, wondering what was going on and what was awaiting you on the other side of this broken door, you breathed in deeply and grabbed a hold of the handle, opening slowly.

Everything inside was dark, and you couldn't distinguish a single thing.

Hesitantly, you took a step inside, immediately regretting it: the door slammed close on it's own, sending a shiver running down your spine; then, when you turned around, you saw the door fading away, leaving you trapped in whatever place this was.

You began feeling your heart starting to beat faster while a sudden sensation of cold spread throughout your body, causing every hair on it to rise.

You felt a strong fear invading you as you looked around, trying to discover where you had ended up.

There was no light whatsoever, and it was terribly cold. Your ears couldn't hear a noise, but your nostrils could pick up on a horrible stench, almost like something had died in here.

It took you a while, but your eyes finally adjusted to the darkness, allowing you to see a bit. You appeared to be in some sort of room, but it was very small and completely empty. Basically, if you had to make a comparison, you'd say it was like being trapped in a giant box.

The stench you smelled earlier seemed to come from somewhere in the middle of the room... now that you looked better, that particular spot seemed to be darker than the rest of the place.

That was the moment you realized you were not so alone in here.

A pair of fiery, glowing, ruby red eyes opened, fixing straight on you despite the darkness, causing your heart to sink.

The space around those eyes began to take on a shape, an almost human shape, and began moving closer to where you were standing.

You tried to back away, but your feet seemed glued to the floor, while they were in reality paralyzed by fear; your tongue seemed glued to the ceiling of your mouth instead, keeping you from screaming, while sweat copiously ran down your face.

The red-eyed figure walked closer and closer, dragging its feet on the ground; the figure didn't make a single sound while moving, nor it spoke a word.

It just moved silently towards you.

Then, when it was close enough, it tackled your helpless body to the ground, pinning it down beneath itself.

You tried to struggle, but the figure possessed immense strength and didn't let you move.

The human-like shadow opened its mouth and let out a hiss, before beginning to lower its head down towards yours.

You couldn't move. You couldn't scream.

All you could do was close your eyes as the head of the figure descended towards yours.

You felt no pain. Actually, you felt nothing.

The weight from your body disappeared.

You stayed still, with your eyes closed for five whole minutes, before finally deciding it was time to open your eyes again.

When you did... light.

You were back in your room, sunshine seeping from the window.

The only odd thing was that you were laying on the floor. You must have fallen off from your bed during the night.

You breathed heavily in relief as you realized it had all been a big nightmare. Come to think of it, you felt a bit sick.

Still, you had to begin another day, so you slowly got up, feeling sore.

Very slowly, dragging your feet a bit, you headed to the bathroom to wash your face.

You looked into the mirror, seeing your reflection. There was nothing wrong with you. Well... maybe something was wrong: you had glowing red eyes, but it was probably an effect of the horrible night you had.

You washed your face, the dried it. When you looked back in the mirror, you noted one more thing.

On the other side of the glass, your own reflection was smiling back at you devilishly.
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