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Flash Fiction Contest - 285 Words
"Mark, do you need help?"

"No, don't worry I just want you to relax. After all these years, you deserve it."

"But cooking an anniversary meal, isn't that a little excessive?"

"It's the least I can do for our 25th. Did you see the table?"

"Yes, it looks wonderful, roses, candles, and good china. Why don't you let me help you?"

"Mary, you're such a worrywart. I'm almost done, go into the living room and relax. I'll give you a holler when it's ready. Would you like a beer?"

"No, maybe later. Guess, I'll go and relax, this seems really weird. Wait Mark, what are you doing with those mashed potatoes?"

"In honor of your German heritage I thought I would fix potato cakes."

"They're called latkes."

"Baby, you're in the good old USA, we call'em cakes. Sure, you don't want a beer. Fraulein, Fraulein, look up towards the heavens."

"Mark, I don't think I can relax, you have way too much milk in those potatoes."

"Don't worry, more flour will take care of that. Time for you to leave the kitchen, little missy, let the man do his job."

"Ok, but why did you bake two bundt cakes?"

"It's not two cakes, it's one cake and one meatloaf."

"I"m gonna have to sit down."

"Good, that's what you need, a good rest."

"Here, it comes Mary ,get ready for a feast. Happy anniversary, my love. Hope you don't miss the potatoes, I'd say those Germans are pretty smart if they can cook those things."

"Mark, you put cake frosting on the meatloaf!"

"Aw, I'm sorry babe. How about a beer?"

"I think . . . maybe you're right, could you pour mine into the large stein."

285 Words
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