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Fictional Story
The old man walks into the kitchen. Makes dinner and sits down. He eats in silence. Soon, he hears a faint noise in the house. Thinks nothing of it and continues to eat. Towards the end of his meal, he hears another noise, louder and closer. Starts to wonder what is going on. He gets up to take a look. Walks into the living room. Sees that some books are on the floor. Thinking they fell, he picks them up, and places them on the coffee table.

When done, he hears a sound in the kitchen. He walks back as fast as he can. The rest of the food on his plate is gone. And the knife and fork are on the ground. He shrugs and picks them up. He grabs the plate and walks to the sink. Rinses them, then dries his hands. BANG!!!

Sounds like it came from the living room, again. Slowly he walks to the other room. At first, he sees nothing out of the ordinary. But then, he sees the curtains moving, behind a couch. He just stands there, too afraid to move. He just watches as one curtain moves, then stops, and then the other one. Eventually he makes a move towards them. Walks behind the couch and notices something on the floor.

It was a cat and it was batting the curtains. He smiles with relief. Laughs a little, then heads to the bedroom. Changes and gets in bed. He laughs again. It was just a cat, he thought. He closes his eyes and tries to go to sleep. After about a few seconds, he wakes up. His eyes are wide open and he pops up in bed.

“Wait, I don’t own a cat!!!”

He quickly gets out of bed and walks to the living room. He turns the light on to have a look. Nothing. No cat. He goes to the kitchen. No cat. He checks everywhere in the house, but no luck. He couldn’t find the cat. At that point, he decides to give up, and go to bed.

The next day, he wakes up, and almost forgot about the cat. He just went about his day. By lunch time it completely left his mind. Early in the afternoon, he hears a knock at the door. The old man gets up to answer it. There is a surprise look on his face.

“Son? What are you doing here?”

“I told you I was coming over, don’t you remember?”

“Yea, I guess I forgot. Well, come on in.”

The two of them sit on the couch. They start to have a conversation, when there was a noise in the kitchen.

“Shhh…you hear that?” said the old man.


“There it is again.”

“Dad, what is going on?”

That is when the cat walks into the living.

“There…the cat. It’s back. The one from last night. Tell me you see the cat?”

His son looks at his father with a worried look. One that no child should ever give.

“Dad, that is your cat. Don’t you remember? You named it Helen. You remember Helen, right?”

“Of course, I remember. Why would I forget. She was a beautiful woman. She loved us all greatly.”

The cat leaves the room.

“Dad, are you ok?”

“I am fine, just tired that is all. I didn’t sleep well last night. I heard some strange noises during dinner. When I went to look, there was this cat in my house. I don’t know how it got in here, but it kept me up at night.”


“What is it son?”

“Dad, get your coat. We’re going out.”

“Oh! Where are we going!?” the old man says as he walks to the hall closet.

“We’re going to see a doctor.”

“A doctor!? But I am fine. Why do I need to see a doctor?”

“Come on, let’s go.”

The two of them walk out the door. The old man heads to his son’s car.

“Ok, well we need to be back by 5:30. That is when Helen will be coming home from work.”

He gets in the front seat and buckles up. His son just stands there with a small tear rolling down his cheek.
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