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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Arts · #2204015
A famous Picasso drawing piece is robbed.
Barbara has an art diploma and she is a drawing expert and connoisseur.Her boss calls: "Hello! Barbara, I am Addison. I want you to assess the drawing pieces at the art New York gallery. So go there immediately. A varnishing will start at 10 AM". Barbara is overwhelmed and says: "what's the matter?" He responds in a tragic voice: "A young drawing artist named Bernard White, has made a series of Picasso drawing imitations. Last night the police called. The famous Pablo Picasso piece at the New York museum modern art entitled: Les Demoiselles d' Avignon (1907) had been robbed. It costs one million USA dollars." "Barbara: OK! I have understood". Addison: with a trembling voice he says: "Bye! Good luck!"
Camellia is her work mate and says: "Are they sure that the drawing artist Bernard White is the robber?" Barbara: "No! They just want us to do drawing expertise".
Camellia says: "I am afraid that the smugglers are present and something bad will happen?" Barbara: "The police are there. But everything is possible. Do you remember what did happen at Chicago art gallery?" "Camellia:" I do not want to remember. Really we were in danger when the artist was killed".
There, both are scrolling the entire drawing pieces. Barbara says: "Have you noticed something on the piece yet?" Camellia: "I can't see a thing. Really the imitations are perfect". Barbara says: "Let's go then".
Camellia: "OK!" But when being outside the gallery Barbara assesses the taken art gallery pictures. She notices something important. The usual signature of the young artist is not on the piece entitled "Les Demoiselles d' Avignon". The signature is fake because the "W" lettering shape is different from the "W" on the signature on the other pieces. Camellia says: "Great job! Let's call Addison".


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