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by K.HBey
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Peter, her doctor, said to Lily you have a breast cancer signs at the mammography.
"Don't go there my bud". Lily says. Ken: "I want to catch the cat mum". Suddenly she feels dizziness and very tired. She sits. Martin: "What's the matter my dear?" Lily: "Nothing important. It is just my anemia". Martin: "Still anemia? Haven't I told you that your diet is very strict?" "Though, your weight is normal". Lily: "Don't worry my love". Martin: "You should see a doctor." Lily: "I should".

Peter: "How are you Madam?" Lily: "I feel very tired and dizzy".
Peter: "OK! You should do this blood test". Listen Madam, can you respond to our annual breast cancer assessment?" "It is a breast cancer research". Lily: "OK! How can I help?" Peter: "You should respond to these questions and do a mammography". Lily: "A mammography"? Peter: "It is an X-rays exam. It is forbidden for pregnant women." "It did not provoke any health harmfulness till now". Lily: "Can you tell me please doctor?" "What are the favoring factors of breast cancer genesis?" Peter: "Contraception, smoking, obesity,the none breast feeding and stress are the most favoring factors". Lily: "OK!"

After one week Lily returns to her doctor. Lily: "Here are the investigations results, doctor". Peter: "OK! Let's see. Madam you have a severe anemia and you should take consistent nutriments and which are low in calories in the same time." "Also your mammography contains breast cancer signs unfortunately, madam." Lily: "You mean that I have a breast cancer?" Peter: "No! Not yet. Three lectures should be done by three different radiologists and both a scanner and an MRI." Lily: "Please doctor; don't say anything to my husband." Peter: "Sure! See you next."

Lily goes away from the medical center and despair invades her heart. She wants to hide this to her family. Tears flood her eyes. She loses hope in living yet. Martin: "Hey tell me Lily, what has doctor said to you?" Lily: "Oh! He has said to me that I have a severe anemia. He has told me that I should have a blood transfusion first and then an anti-anemic treatment during six months. Also he has given me a list of safe aliments that are low in calories but very nutritive. He has advised me to see a dietitian too." Martin: "OK! It is all right. I have delayed our trip to Europe for next month. I am sure you will be better Lily. Lily smiles and her glance is full of both sadness and sorrow. She sweeps discreetly her tears that flee and says: "OK! It will be fun indeed."

Lily meets her friend Camille. Lily: "Listen Camille I have a breast cancer." Camille: "Breast cancer???" Lily: "Don't worry please. I am well now." Camille: "What has told you the doctor exactly?" Lily: "He has told me that the diagnosis is not set yet for sure because it requires three mammography lectures ,a scanner and an MRI". Camille: "So don't jump to conclusions yet. Overall if you had breast cancer at first stage you would do a surgery and you could remedy". Lily: "Listen Camille! I am not sure of anything but I want to keep some measures in the case my breast cancer is for sure. I want you to become a legal tutor of my child. As I want my part of my house inherited from my parents to go to Ken. I do not know how to declare my breast cancer to my husband. I don't want him to know this until the last dying moment. I love him a lot. I do not know how he would receive the bad news." Camille: "Lily, you forward the events. I am sure that you have nothing despite your anemia. Let us wait and see first."

Ten days later Peter calls: "Lily would you come please?" Peter: "Hi Lily! How are you?" Lily: "I am very sad and I manage to be happy in front of both my husband and my child. It is harsh for me and I am afraid not be able to continue this." Peter: "You have always shown a strong personality. I am sure it will be all right. Listen Lily, the second lecture has confirmed the breast cancer at your right breast and you are programmed for a surgery soon." Lily is completely overwhelmed and does not say anything. But finally Lily decides to accept things as they are. "What will happen to me doctor?" Peter: " If the biopsy would reveal that your cancer is at its first stage. You will do only both surgery and radiotherapy. Then we will assess you every six months and then every year. You have great chances to be cured. I advise you to be out of stress, smoking and contraception. Also I advise you to lower animal proteins. You can practice yoga and swimming for example. I am sure it will be OK."
Lily regains somehow hope and says: "OK Doctor! I am ready for all."

Lily decides to travel with her husband and to get fun. Martin is happy that Lily shows anemia improvement. They spend another honey moon at the seashore. When they return home. Ken notices a big pumpkin in the home yard. It is pink. Ken: " Mum come on please". Lily and her husband touch it. They both want it to remain in their garden. Martin says: "It brings luck." It is shining at the sun set and growing everyday.

Suddenly at their last day Lily's phone rings at 8AM. Peter: "Hello Lily! I want to announce you good news. The third lecture is negative. So you should do a scanner and an MRI." Lily: "What?" Martin: "What's the matter Lily?" Lily: "nothing lovely, it is my friend Camille. She has reconciled with her husband". Lily does both a scanner and an MRI, next she goes to her doctor's. After that Peter reads both the scanner and the MRI interpretations; he says: "You have nothing Lily."

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