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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2204217
A first corny date with a surprise ending. Which Witch Cast A Love Spell?
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Hey, thanks for meeting up. We sure made a match online didn’t we?” Andy Thorne sat down adjusting his Halloween costume so none of the scarecrow stuffing dropped out.

Melissa Thomas waved away her girlfriend witches from the entrance to the spook alley. They stood too close and their curiosity would make her first date with Andy scare away any chance of spontaneous romance. She batted her eyelashes and adjusted her Raggedy Ann outfit. What had she to be nervous about? Hadn’t she planned out every detail of the evening?

She shot a hand across the spook alley refreshment stand table, her red nails glinting in the flash of fake lightning and sound of recorded thunder. It was met with something other than what she expected. A trickle of candy corn graced her hand.

“My treat. We have them every Halloween. It is a family tradition.”


Melissa took the pebbles of dyed sugar and carelessly dropped them to the floor. “Oops. Sorry.”

“That’s O.K. Here. I have plenty more.” Andy produced another sweaty handfull as if by magic. “We? Oh. Me and my mom. It’s O.K.,” he said nervously. “She approved you after reading what you wrote online.”

The flash of Andy’s perfect, evenly spaced white teeth that had attracted her online, no longer echoed in a returning smile. Melissa fought back a gulp, watching Any push one candy corn between his lips and flip it with his tongue into his mouth. “Neat trick, what? Try it.”

All thought of entering the spook alley love canal no longer floated her boat. Not if Andy was sitting next to her. She had to come up with a plan B and fast. She pretended to stick one slightly sweaty candy corn up toward her pouting red lips, let it dangle, and drop.

“Clumsy me. You are really good at that corny stuff.” she hated puns, used them only in desperation to make light (and distancing) conversation to wither whatever ears might be listening.

This time she got a guffaw and a clap on the shoulder. The table shivered between them like an ouija board was warning her of a fate worse than death.

“Melissa? Is that you? Isn’t it amazing meeting you here. Look who I have with me.”

Best friend witch Sarah and pal witch Emily grabbed chairs from nearby tables and leaned elbows like wings edging Andy and Melissa further apart.

“Hi girls. This is Andy. We are on our first date.”

Witch Sarah winked, picked up a spinning piece of candy corn off the tabletop and imitated Andy’s tongue trick without a pause. Witch Emily clapped her hands, produced a piece of candy corn out of Andy’s ear and offered it between his startled ‘O’ shaped lips. “Yummy in the tummy, right Melissa? She loves these things, Andy. You couldn’t have chosen a better date.”

“He is so cute.” Witch Sarah gushed. Her chair scooted closer, jumping until Andy felt glued to her.

“I know. How could you keep him a secret, Melissa? Witch Emily smoothed a long glittery set of nails through Andy’s rich black curls. “Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to go on a triple date?”

Witch Sarah shushed Andy’s, “Well, I don’t know, mother . . .” with a hastily popped candy corn making a hole in one in his open mouth. “Good. It will be fun.”

Andy was hoisted to his feet trying to see which witch was tugging at him harder. “Ooh, We’re putting a spell on your date, Melissa. It looks like he needs to sit down. His knees are shaking.” Witch Emily lifted the bar on the love canal’s first boat and squeezed Andy between her and witch Sarah.

Andy leaned up an arm to help Melissa. The row of love boats churned the water and she sprawled across three laps. “Mother help me.” He giggled as she climbed up his chest and used his shoulders to stand and wiggle room at his side.

“This is the most fun’st first date I’ve ever had.”

It quickly got dark, sounds of kisses and squeals erupted in voices behind them.

“Ooh, Andy. Lay one on me.” Witch Sarah urged. “Oh, stop it, Melissa. I know that was you. Stop rocking the boat. Let’s all give Andy one for good luck.”

“At the same time? I’ve got a nose.” Melissa was getting into the act. If they could keep Andy busy and confused until the ride was over she could pump his hand up and down in thanks, leave with her friends, and never see the candy corn popping country pumpkin scarecrow again.

“I’m going to lick his ear,” Witch Emily practiced with a throaty raspberry.

“Close your eyes,” Melissa giggled.

There was a long pause with lots of lip-smacking exercise before the passionate attack headed Andy’s way. Lips tickled, hummed, licked, and teased in a frenzy of ardent exploration.

A groan emerged from where Andy sat. The light at the end of the tunnel glared in their faces.

“Where is he?” Witch Sarah exclaimed, eyeing the motherly face looking much like an older female Andy.

“Who are you?” questioned witch Emily, wiping her mouth trying to get her lips clean.

“How did you get here?” Melissa stared in wonder at the woman.

She was obviously Andy’s, mother, explained by the very fact of her popping candy corn to her lips and flipping it in with her tongue before explaining. “Andy is sitting back in my seat. I never let him go anywhere without me. You should be ashamed of yourselves.”

The red lipstick kisses on Andy’s mother’s face brought a round of applause from waiting ticket holders.

Andy’s secret smile as his fingers touched the one kiss printed on his cheek stayed in place as he rubbed the lipstick off. His lips whispered a name.

Which witch do you think came under Andy’s sugar-coated corny spell? One of them had an abundant supply of candy corn whenever the three fiends met.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2204217