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Rated: 13+ · Other · Comedy · #2204287
A young woman finds herself locked out and needs help from her date after getting stuck.
Twenty-three year old Wendy Washington had just returned home with her date Victoria and went into her bag to get her front door key but it wasn't there and after checking all her pocket, remembered that she give the key to her housemate,who was now not in and realised that she would have to find another way inside.

Wendy was 5'6,141 pounds,had short curly blond hair and blue eyes covered by glasses.
She wore a short red dress with a denim jacket over the top of it that covered her rather curvaceous figure.

The young woman looked for another way inside but could find anything open until finally she found a rather small open square window.
Veronica walked over and said,"not to be rude but I think your ass is a bit too big to fit through that window,Wendy."

"Oh come on,my ass isn't that big plus this is our only option so I have to at least try it," said Wendy,who ignored her own worries about possibly getting stuck due to the window's rather small size.
"Ok,I also promise not to look up your dress," said Veronica,who had brown hair and a figure that was only slightly less curvy than her date's.

The young blond stuck her head through the window and after a brief struggle due to her breasts,her entire top half was soon inside the house, leaving only her hips, curvy backside and legs sticking out.

Wendy then tried to push her lower half through the window but it refused to fit and said,"Veronica,I need some help, could you please push my backside?"
"Sure," said Veronica as she placed her back against Wendy's curvy behind and her hands against the window and pushed and pushed while Wendy pulled but despite several minutes of pushing and pulling, the young woman's lower half still refused to fit.

Realising that her lower half wasn't going to fit,Wendy then tried to back out of the window but was shocked to discover that she couldn't.
"Maybe that second piece of chocolate cake was a mistake," said the young woman as she placed her hands against the inside wall and pushed and pushed with all her might but still the window refused to release it's grip on her.
"Wendy,are you all right," said Veronica,who was concerned at why her date wasn't coming out.
"Yes,I'm fine thanks,it's just a bit more difficult than I expected," said Wendy as she then tried to push herself free again,even putting her foot against the wall outside for more leverage but still she just refused to budge.

"Oh, it's no use," said the embarrassed young blond as she admitted to her date,"Veronica,I think I'm stuck, could you please give me a hand?"
"Normally I would say no but you did pay for dinner,so of course,I'll help you," said the young brunette as she grabbed onto Wendy's hips and pulled and pulled while the young woman pushed and the two pulled and pushed with all their might but still Wendy just wouldn't move a single inch.

Mary,a thin blond who was Wendy's housemate return home and noticed the incredible awkward sight of Veronica pulling Wendy from behind and joked,"usually Wendy,I find you in this position while you're in your bedroom with girls but I guess you couldn't wait tonight."

The humiliated Wendy explained the entire situation to her housemate who had let herself in and walked over to the young blond and joked,"I think a certain rabbit described your current situation perfectly,this all comes from eating too much."
"Actually,it all comes from not having windows big enough for curvy women like me," said the young woman.

Veronica then said,"Mary,is the first time she's gotten herself stuck?"
"Nope,I had to pull her out of a wall last month,I think you need to cut down on the biscuits and cakes,Wendy," replied Mary,who was still slightly in disbelief at her housemate's predicament.

"Could you two get me out of here," said Wendy who was started to become annoyed.
"Yes,your majesty," joked Mary as she then grabbed onto Wendy's hands and pulled and pulled, placed her foot against the wall for more leverage while Veronica pushed the young blond's curvy backside and the two pulled and pushed with all their strength as Wendy grunted groaned and said "OW," until a POP sound was heard.

Wendy was finally pulled out of the window, sending her and Mary tumbling backwards into a heap on the floor as Veronica then rushed inside and struggled not to laugh.
"Thank goodness for that," said Wendy as she then hugged Mary and Veronica and thanked them for helping her out before the three began laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation as they decided to watch TV together.
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