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The very first Friday after Thanksgiving Roscoe recalled from early that day was his mother shoving a check into his hand to cash to buy some new workboots. She never made a sound beside the crackling of the check but nodded toward his old workboots he was wearing and he knew his mom wanted to help him out.

In return, Roscoe considered taking his baby sister, Ruby, with himself on a shopping spree just to let her get out of the house. She was the youngest of twelve siblings but their parents treated Ruby like a small child even though she was sixteen.

Her strawberry locks had never been cut, not even trimmed, and she had a waifish appearance that made Roscoe want to protect her more. She had a habit of pulling her hair up from the ends to braid and braid as she was deep in thought.

She glowed with anticipation when Rosco invited her to ride along with him to the mall. As soon as they walked through the huge front doors, Ruby begrudgingly skirted left darting in and around the crowd to disappear. Roscoe figured Ruby was.going to meet her friends at the music store and he turned down the opposite corrider headed to the clothing goods store. .

The last thing Roscoe remembered, he was staring down at his work boots in front of a sales sign at The Plaza mall and wondering what a brand new replacement pair was going to cost. He remembered someone rudely brushing past him from behind and somehow he was shoved forward.

The air was buzzing and crackling and fuzzy as Roscoe realized he was being transported without his approval. The feeling was one of complete helplessness. Now, what seemed to be an instant later was suddenly another entirely different day, near evening and the orange sun shone inside the huge front window of a now- different mall.

The atmosphere stopped sizzling, Roscoe realized something explosive had taken place! His shoes, which were sturdy workboots due to his job as a construction worker, had miraculously transformed into shiny, sparkling red slippers!

Roscoe felt wonderful in them! He literally danced like a ballerina upon his tippytoes until he could see his own reflection in a store window in the huge mall he had lighted into. The glowing red hue and the vibration of the magical shoes almost made him forget how he had ended up in this particular spectrum.

He'd been studying some nice fishing reels in the sporting goods store when somebody pushed him from behind as they ran past. Roscoe could hear some sort of alarm going off which automatically informed him that there had been a shoplifting and a pursuit was in action.

He was taken off guard by the suspect pushing past him and the violence with which he was shoved aside. Somehow, Roscoe must have been transcended from one dimension to another by the shove. He was absolutely shocked by the event but in awe of the beauty of the red slippers that had somehow replaced his work boots during the transference.

As he shuffled from one side of his reflection to the other, he could see more and more vivid reflecion on the shoes.
He began to also receive verbal communications which translated to his dad wanting him to come home so they could ride around look at Halloween decorations.

The communications weren't mere words but feelings Roscoe suddenly began to feel he was losing his identity. Dad had always taken his sister Ruby to see the holiday decorations but Roscoe never cared for them. Until now. All of a sudden, Roscoe was feeling all these emotions and he started to cry.

He leaned further forward and noticec his own relection in the shoes. He looked just like Ruby! Of.all the things to happen and more idiotic was of all the people he could've become why did it have to be Ruby? She was so animated in her real life personality and Roscoe had never really grown close to his baby sister.

Now all of sudden he was she and he did indeed feel cartoonish and silly. Roscoe heard somebody shouting his sister's name and curiously he looked up. At the end of the corrider he actually saw his sister, Ruby, and she was frantically motioning for him to come to her. He naturally wanted to go to her.

Something inside his own pounding heart told him it would be a mistake! He no longer could hear the loud warnings of the alarms and he realized he wasn't even in the same mall. Hmmm. Different day. Different mall. Different body, yet Roscoe had a feeling of oneness. He saw his reflection defiantly shrug her shoulders and the girl at the end of the corrider defiantly shrugged her shoulders right back at the very same time!

Roscoe's brain swirled as he realized he was somehow caught in a dimensional barrier between reality and unreality. Roscoe suddenly envisioned his brothers and sisters there at the mall. In his vision they were not shopping but in a sort of 'search mode" for Ruby as they roamed the mall in pairs. Rochelle and Ray headed toward the music store, the place Roscoe assumed she was intending to go when they arrived.

The whole day had passed and Roscoe hadn't seen her. Randy and Roxy decided to check the restaurants. Ruby was tiny but she hd a raving appetite. Pizza was her passion so they headed for Luca's Pizza first. Regina and Reggies' idenitically dye-colored purple locks bounced up and down on their shoulders as they jogged off towards the restrooms.

They wers twins but of course not identical. Roscoe smirked to himself at how they did try to act all identical. He wasn't totally sure if they were male or female! No matter. He loved all his siblings the same. Except for the protective mode he felt toward Ruby.and now that had been called into question although none of his siblings questioned his responsibility now.

They all just looked at him with sympathy. Roy and Reba had tinges of disdain in their expressions but they were the ones usually responsible for their baby sister. Rajesh and Rajah, the twins just a year older than Ruby completed the search team. Robert, the dad and Rasheena, the mom had decided to stay home in case Ruby showed up there.

When Roscoe called with his crazy story, the whole family laughed as they heard Roscoe spill it out over his cellphone's speaker. But then they heard the static cracking in the background and all piled into the family van instantly headed for the mall. They certainly swarmed onto their hometowns shopping center, however, the only glimpse Roscoe got of any of them in reality was the vision he had of them in his own mind! He was literally stuck forever in that dimension between reality and unreality!

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