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The promptings of loved ones in our past, linger on in the deeds they urge in our hearts
We all have our ghosts
Hovering over their names
Etched in tombstone memories
Buried in the graveyards of our minds

My aging thoughts visit there often
Lingering in whispered,
Shattered pieces off reflection
Where my present meets the past

How I cling to your never-aging sight
We were always close, but
Your death has brought you closer still
Haunting this lonely hour
With your name
Whispered upon my breath.

I like to think a little of you lives on
In the blood within me
From when you gave me birth
And clothed me in a mother’s love

And more, sheltered my innocence
Teaching me mistakes are made
Not out of bruises and shame

But are God’s gifts freely offered
As careless outer wrapping
For the inner need to reach out
To others in helpless trust

Offered in the same open hand
Lifting up the fallen when their turn
Falters, driving them into the dust

You taught me by your living grace
In simple acts of daily kindness
More important than kingly deed

Here is where the weak
Are blessed and made strong
And in your honor I obey
Your silent voice

Presenting the same
hand of solace
To stranger and friend alike

Tribute to my mother
in free verse

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