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A father may have gone too far teaching his kids of fun of Halloween.
When I was a kid, Halloween was my favorite holiday. I loved the colors, the costumes, the candy – all of the garish, macabre brilliance of Americanized Halloween. Now that I have kids of my own, I have tried to instill that joy in them; however, yesterday I think I may have gone a tad too far.

Picture it, Halloween Night 2019, a sprawling Midwestern American suburb. I hurried home, anticipating a fun evening of giving candy to trick-or-treater children and the occasional beer or wine cooler to their adult chaperones. I opened the door and the first sound to greet my ears was my wife, who is normally the calmest, most level-headed person I know, standing on the dining room table waving her arms and yelling at our 12-year-old son, Mark.

“You take that back to the hospital; the whole house is full of flies!”

I stifled a grin as I shut the door behind me.

“Good, your father’s home. He can deal with you!”

“What’s going on?” I asked innocently.

Your son brought a dead hand home from God knows where.”

“Mark, what’s going on?”

He eyed me with slight twinkle, “I’m sorry Dad.”

“You should be, let’s go.”


“You’re getting a spanking.”

His eyes bugged out. “What!?”

Charlotte nodded approvingly.

We went out to the shed in the back where the lawnmower and other stuff is kept. I snapped off a switch in full view of the house. Once around back and out of sight, we both descended into laughter and high-fives.

“How did you get all those flies in the house, Dad?”

“Jars and the compost pile. Where’d you get the hand?”

“Biology lab. It’s fake. We really got her good didn’t we Dad?”

“Yes, son we did.”

Did I mention I love practical jokes?
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