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While at the zoo,a young woman gets her head stuck in a fence and needs to get free again.
Twenty-five year old Rachel Roberts was at the zoo with her best friend's Madison and Lily when the trio noticed the tiger enclosure and went over to have a look.

The young woman was 5'4,132 pounds,had brown hair and brown eyes.
She wore a dark blue t-shirt with a denim jacket over the top of it and a short red skirt with black tights,which her clothes showing her rather curvaceous figure.

As the trio were walking over,Rachel suddenly tripped up and watch in horror as her phone out of her hands and through the bars of the enclosure"s fence.
The young brunette ran over to the fence and stuck her hands through the bars but still her phone was just of reach.

Rachel then realised that she would have to stick her head through the bars to get her phone but despite Madison saying, "Rachel,you are going get stuck and get into trouble.

The young woman stuck her head through the bars and after a brief struggle,her head was through and was able to grab her phone and put it in her jacket pocket as her friends struggled not to laugh and stare at how ridiculous she looked.

Rachel then tried to pull her head out of the fence but was shocked to discover that it wouldn't come out.first
"That's not good," said the young brunette as she placed her hands against the bars and pulled and pulled with all her might but still her head remained stuck.
"Rachel,are you all right?," said Madison as she and Lily started to feel concerned about their friend.
"Yep,I'm fine thanks,it's just a bit more difficult than I expected," said Rachel as she then tried to pull her head free again,even putting her foot against the bottom of the fence for more leverage but still she just refused to budge and was completely and utterly stuck.

"Oh,it's no use," said the young woman as she admitted to her friends, "girls,I think my head is stuck,could please help me get it out."

The young woman's friends were happy to help as Madison pulled Rachel's waist while Lily pulled Madison's hips and the two pulled and pulled while Rachel pulled as well and the three pulled and pulled and pulled with all their might but still the bars refused to release it's grip on her head.

"Wow,you really are stuck," said Madison as she and Lily then off to get help.
While her friends were gone,a young girl walked passed with her mother said, "mom,look how big that woman's backside is."
"That's not nice," said the mother who then said , "I apologise for my daughter,would you like me to pull you out?"

"I would please," said Rachel as the woman who revealed that her name was Nancy grabbed onto the young brunette's hips and pulled and pulled while Rachel pushed and even the woman's daughter grabbed onto the hem of her mother's dress as the trio pulled and pushed with all their might for several minutes without success.

Just,then the zoo manager Zoey came running with Madison and Lily and said, "don't worry,we'll soon have you out as she placed some butter around the young brunette's head as a chain was formed as Zoey pulled Rachel's waist while Nancy pulled Andy's hips,Madison pulled the hem of Nancy's dress,Lily pulled Madison's waist while the daughter named Anna pulled the hem of Lily's

"Everyone,pull," said Zoey as the five pulled and pulled and pulled with all their strength on Rachel,who grunted,groaned and said, OW,you're going to pull my head off," as the tiger,who had been sleeping woke up and roared at her before going back to sleep.

Several passers-by stopped and laughed,took pictures and stared at the ridiculous sight of the young woman's rescue as the epic tug of war finally ended with a POP sound.

Rachel's head was at last,pulled out of the enclosure bar's,sending the six tumbling backwards into a heap on the ground.
"Thank goodness for that," said Rachel as she then hugged everyone and thanked them pulling her head out as Zoey replied, "it was no problem,that's my exercise for the week," as everyone began laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation.

Rachel and her friends then left the zoo as Zoey said they could come back anytime as long as Rachel didn't stick her head through the bars again."

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