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A short piece inspired by the Writer's Cramp prompt, 11/4/19.
One Hour Forward, One Hour Back

I'd not been expecting to be called on to speak. A sudden illness and I found myself about to be thrust into the spotlight, with very little time to prepare.

'Could I at least have the notes?' I'd asked, only to be told they were at home with my sick associate. Surely he could scan them, send them by email? Apparently not; he was simply too sick.

This wasn't the first time I'd been let down, left in the lurch by this so-called workmate. He was one of those who always put himself forward, then managed to wriggle out of the task at the last moment, leaving someone else to actually step up to the task.

The speaker against the clock adjustment was winding up. I should have been listening, preparing to stand up and put the alternative point of view across. I'd barely taken in a word as I hurriedly scribbled out a speech.

Just time to give it a quick read-through, make sure I was going to at least talk sense.

'I would urge you all to back the motion for Daylight Savings, simply on the grounds of safety.

I know that an hour's extra light in the morning will mean an hour less in the evening, and some might argue that this creates as much as a danger. I don't think so, for there is one crucial difference.

Think of how you feel in the morning. Just take a moment to envisage yourself in your car, driving to work. It is dark and cold; you have skipped breakfast because of your reluctance to leave your warm bed. You haven't paid as much care and attention to the cleaning your mirrors as perhaps you should have. You are awake enough to drive; of course you are, but how quick are your responses?

I would argue that, should a child step out in front of your, or a bike swerve, you would find it easier to cope with on a dark evening than in a dark morning. Can any of you honestly stand up and disagree?

So, in the interests of safety alone, I'd would argue that the disruption it causes to sleep schedules, to work rotas and such, is worth it in the long run.'

"Ms Jenkins?"

No more time. I'm being called to stand up and speak out. I just hope that my logical brain over-rides my reluctant body, and allows me to sound convincing.

(408 words).

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