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A story in poetic form about a little Christmas Fairy who brings joy to all.
Have you ever heard of the Christmas Fairy?
Oh, my dear ones, she is a wonderful being. You can’t see her, but she is there. Existing in every bright light and generous gift. She sprinkles her joy on each of us, hoping it will last the year. Sometimes it doesn’t, and it saddens her. For the Christmas Fairy wants us to keep our joy even when we feel glum.
The joy she sprinkles is mixed with peace, reminding us all of the One who was born under a star. Whose parents received gifts from wise men and praises from shepherds. The Christmas Fairy has a name, but she keeps it secret. For to her, to give out her name would be to rob the One of the glory. She points to Him and leads us. Even when we don’t realize it.
Each year, The Christmas Fairy, flies from city to city, town to town, village to village—anywhere Christmas is celebrated. And even in the remote places where people do not yet know the One. She sprinkles her joy as she flies through the skies, gently calling to us and saying:
“Peace on Earth shall come to all
who find the Way and Truth.
Grace will be with each person
who accepts the One.
The One who yearns for us,
who came to save.”
Her mission is simple and as the Christmas Fairy flies by each year, she hopes we listen. Through the loud music and clanging of carolers, to the shoppers who rush in and out until they are dizzy. The Christmas Fairy rings loud above all, we only need to listen. As October becomes November and soon December beckons to all, The Christmas Fairy points us to the Light. We only need to listen.
Listen, my dears. Can you hear her?

Merry Christmas!
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