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A children’s book
Victor the veteran veterinarian vegetarian.

Let me tell you about a boy, a boy with a dream, a boy that would become know all throughout the East coast as Victor the veteran veterinarian vegetarian from Virginia.
Victor was an only child of Vincent and Victoria Valdes. Vincent was a very well know chef of the Valley View restaurant on the square. Victoria was a local shop owner in uptown Valley View. The Valdes family lived in an old Victorian house just outside of town with lots of woods and land Victor would explore up and down.
Since Victor was an only child he spent most of his time with his pets. Victor loved his dog, Vinny, and his cat Valentine. Victor would always try to bring in other animals that he would find out and about that drove his mom crazy. “Victor, his mom would scream, you can’t bring frogs into the house!” “Why mommy, Victor would ask, I will take care of them. I will feed them and take care of them if they get sick.” Often times, it was a regular zoo at the house.
Victor had some not so fun times in school. The other kids would bully him and he had no friends. They would make fun of him because he would always talk about his animals and draw pictures of them. They made fun of him for always bringing leftovers from his dad’s restaurant. Victor always ate the same thing for lunch. It was always salads. The kids would call him names like goat boy and cow kid and tell him that is why he doesn’t have a brother or sister because his parents was raising an animal. This made Victor cry and very very sad.
As Victor grew older, into high school, he took a part time job at the veterinarian next to his mom’s shop. Victor would do simple jobs as cleaning up and stocking all while making friends with every animal, big or small, and the staff. Victor told the veterinarian, “one day, I am going to be just like you.” The veterinarian just thought he had big dreams and told Victor for now to focus on schooling.
After high school, Victor went off to join the Army. He spent quite a few years away from home but kept in touch when he could. One day Victor got a letter from his parents that had very very sad news. Victor learned that his dog, Vinny, got very sick and there was nothing more they could do for him and they lost him. Victor really struggled with this but he knew he only a few months left in the Army and would be home.
Victor returned home and it took a few months but he did just what he said he would do. He opened up his own Veterinarian Clinic called Vinnies Vet Care in honor of his old furry friend. Victor opened it up right next to his dad’s restaurant. Victor would not turn any animal away and he would not charge for anyone that was a veteran of the services. Word got around of the good deeds that Victor was doing and the local television station did a story about the local Valley View veteran veterinarian. The news grew even more from up and down the coast. Everyone knew Victor. Victor was a hero. The news reporter asked Victor “what would you say to kids today about growing up?” Victor replied, “always chase your dreams and one day the dream will come true. Fight for what you believe in. Most importantly, always eat your veggies!”
So from the little town of Valley View, Virginia,the son of Vincent and Victoria Valdes, grew up to everyone as Victor the veteran veterinarian vegetarian. Not bad for a kid that was picked on most of his younger life.
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