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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Friendship · #2205077
Samantha looses consciousness when she was racing with her friends at the beach forest.

Samantha and her bother Jake like playing beach volley with their friends Emma and her bother Alexander. The beach is surrounded by a magical landscape made of hills and a forest. Tonight they go on a walk and a race in the forest.
Samantha is always the fastest. But when they arrive at the final place, they find her unconscious on the ground. It seems that she has stumbled on a big tree branch. "Samantha wakes up! I am Jake". He quickly calls the emergency department.
Emma is nervous. Jake goes to the accident place and finds a thrown car wheel. Then he calls the police because he suspects a criminal accident. The police investigate and conclude that Samantha might be hurt by a car.
"Jake says, do you know that police is investigating about Samantha accident?"
"Yes, of course, Emma replies."
"Samantha is your friend. Isn't she?" Jake responds".
"Emma, Yes, Indeed!"
"Jake adds, but you have always been jealous of her. Samantha is the beloved of Damian as you know. He is in your class too".
"Emma replies, what do you mean exactly?"
"Jake responds, nothing."
Tonight police comes home and accuse Emma for the premeditated crime. Indeed they find a letter in the place written by Emma.
Alexander has tears in his eyes and both remorse and deception invade his spirit.
"Emma calls his brother to come to the police, Alexander I have nothing to do with this crime. I assure you. I can never think to kill Samantha."
Alexander calls for an attorney and Emma is released from jail because of insufficient proves.
Samantha wakes up from her coma and starts to regain consciousness. Police come to investigate with her. When she declares that it was just an incident and no car was there.

298 words

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