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By chaos or design? I don't really mind.
Come! Walk with me
past the last threshold,
and cross fields dew-scented
by sparkling rime.

Come! Race with me
like the greatest flood,
let us rush unhindered,
rise with the tide,

cascade towards
where all land drowns;
come with me.

Toll no bells
for we shall not heed them!
Blow no horns
for we shall not hear them!

Come! Let us meet
at this old crossroad,
and dance on a rusted,
felled power line.

Come! The walls here,
where once cities stood,
are by nought erected
but frozen time,

horizons, stars
and sunkissed ground;
come with me.

Draw no maps
for we shall not need them!
Name no stars
for we shall not read them!

Come! Where winds sweep
our earth cathedral
by streams created,
curved serpentine,

there lie we,
the loveliest sound;
come with me.

Come! Hand in hand!
Skyclad! In love with rhyme!

Hear Hinterlands
ring, echo, sing and chime

serenades grand
to pleasures sublime.
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