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An amusing tale or so it seems
Jonathan's Girl

My name is Jonathan Quail; I’m thirty-three years old tall black-haired with blue eyes and a chiselled jaw. Yes, I have a handsome profile and look good from any angle. I’m smart and quite charming! Wait! Stop! I know what you are thinking. You think that I’m a complete and utter narcissist, right? Well, you may be right you can think what you like you’re the one reading this drivel after all. Actually, I’m twenty-six years old of medium height slim and sloppily dressed everything else is real – so please allow me my dream okay? Well, where was I? Oh, yes about myself both my parents died in a car accident when I was six I was raised by my grandparents. My grandfather died a few years ago, but my grandma is still alive she’s a sweet old dear I visit her often she is in an old folks home how. I’m not boring; you am I? Well, I have my own flat and live alone now; that sort of brings you up to date. Speaking of which a date that is is where this story really begins.

I spend a good deal of time on my laptop so don’t get out much. Yes okay I’m a bit of nerd so what nobody is perfect give me break! Well, anyways I joined a few dating sites as you do nowadays beats going out to find a girl right? Just shop around and have the girl of your dreams sent to you all wrapped with a bow and all right? Well, I’m sure you know it doesn’t work that way you still have to get out there and meet your dream girl. Quite often, she turns out to be nothing like what you expect. She might not even be a girl one can't be too careful, am I right? Anyway, I digress I saw this girl I liked on this dating site we got talking and eventually decided to meet. What happened? Well, as you would expect for the first time dating, it was a complete disaster! The less said, the better believe me. I met several other girls through dating sites. One never turned up for the date another date didn't go to bad, but we never met again. Hey! Wake up! It's not that much of a sad, dull picture I’m painting about my dating experience that it sends you to sleep is it? Oh, so you think you could do better, do you? Mister or Miss whoever you are reading this. Well this is my story if you don’t like it why are still reading this! Hey! Hello! Where have you gone Hellloo! Oh, there you are I thought you had really gone. Gee I’m so grateful you're still here please don’t leave me alone again.. Sob! Have I got your sympathy now? Yes, good well read on sucker? Whoops! I mean, read on you’re so fantastic, you are such a great reader.

So where was I, oh illustrious one, ah, yes my dating fiasco, erm. I mean my dating experience of course. Well, I met a few more girls on a scale from one to ten I’d say most were minus one. Sigh! On a good note I met one I thought was my miss right we dated a few months then she told she met someone better! How dare she! My one and only true love, I was devastated, heartbroken. Sob, even more sobs! Sobs a lot! Well, dear reader, this is where things get a little weird at least you could say that. No, I’m sure you would definitely say weird. You are thinking just get on with it, aren’t you? Okay, fine, oh impatient one! Well, I joined this dating site it seemed to be a relatively new one, not set up that long and looked pretty swish to me. Many of the ladies used a webcam, so I could see as if they were for real as well as chat with them. Some profiles contained lots of photos if you could believe them to be real and not doctored that is. I had been logging on for a few weeks talking to a few of the young ladies. Most of the girls I chatted with were willing to be on webcam. I wasn't sure if I could believe half of what I saw or what they told me about themselves. One tends to be suspicious nowadays right? Don’t believe everything you see, hear or that is said. At the same time, try to keep an open mind you might miss out on a real catch

It all started late one night I was feeling tired half-asleep sat at my desk staring at the laptop. I’d spent the best part of the evening online chatting to a few girls using the webcam. There was one or two I found interesting and hoped to chat more with in the future. The site had gone quiet, and no girls seemed be available to chat. Perhaps it was just the late hour, and most had gone to bed. I was about call it a day and drag myself of to bed. My desk was a mess one or two half-empty mugs of coffee several plates with scraps of food left on them. Chocolates wrappers and scraps of paper were strewn here and there. Ha, I know what thinking again. You are thinking what an untidy, scruffy layabout or words to that effect right? Anyway, I decided to leave clearing the mess until the morning and about to turn the laptop off. The screen suddenly went blank – it happens sometimes doesn’t it – a power surge, lots reasons someone trying to hack my laptop? Nah, I felt my security was pretty good to be hacked, it blanked for only a couple of seconds. When the screen returned to normal I had a new chat message.

“Hello Johnathan, my name is Susana. I would like to chat with you, do you wish to chat with me?”

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