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Appearances can be deceiving.
I worshiped Sol and danced for joy,
bathed in moonlight by the strand,
recalling ages of no age,
buried times of a lost boy.

Only betrayed by streams,
streams from slit, infected wrists,
I try to hide the crimson flood.

Facades to hide my lack of faith,
I stand my ground but tip the scales.
Facades to hide this thunderstorm,
I've long been between flesh and wraith.

Stand by the pact of tooth for tooth,
the horrid truth of days of yore,
when all the world was black or white,
the long-lost spectre of my youth.

Only betrayed by cries,
cries from ghosts of broken bonds,
echoes of my dead betrothed.

Facades to feign the worldly ways,
I rock the boat but see no change.
Facades to hide the shattered glass,
still reaching for radiant rays.
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