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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2205184
Pilgrims set off in a ship to the New World, but one of the members dies.
The crisp sea wind alongside a beautiful pink morning sunrise portented a pleasant voyage to the New World. With word arriving from America of new opportunities and new freedom, unavailable to these religiously persecuted "Separatists", a stark air enlivened the group of pilgrims chatting away beside the wooden Dutch port.
"Just as the sea breeze brings life providing air, the sea voyage, which are we are about to undertake, provides sustenance for our souls, long downtrodden here in Holland ....." the grey haired man spoke inspiringly, drawing the immediate attention of the entire group of brown garbed young men and women. Being the eldest and most respected of the lot, Winslow's words could always console the most grieved of youth, as such was the case with young Cassius, who lost his mother to the flu last year, as well as laud the most minor of accomplishments, causing the recipient to gush for weeks on end.
The small crowd of passengers faces lit up at the speech, but no cheers or applause arose as that was not the nature of such a conservative folk.
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