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vampire vs guardian angel

PP note: I'd like to thank you all those who reviewed. You guys are awesome! You rock! And the reviews keep'em coming okay I'll update as soon as I can.

Gabrielmontez4232: thank you honey you don't know how much this means to me, thank you

Gonewiththerain09: thank you for thinking that the plot is cute and that Mimi and her guardian angel Tai should be together

Bloomthefairyoflove: I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far

Crystall-Green or GreenOpalus: thank you for reminding me that I should rewrite that chapter and I'm glad you liked the idea.

allan caldeini: thank you for what you meant that the story is good but needs rewriting I know hehe ^_^

Disclaimer: don't own Digimon

Now on with the story


Chapter 2: everything changes for her

We were heading for that new apartment. (me and Tai)

I am so excited, I want to see it soon enough.

We rang the door bell when we arrived.

A strong woman opened the door. She was tall, beautiful, with blue eyes, blonde hair and well dressed, plus she smelled nice.

She said to me: Hello! Welcome in my apartment. Come in, please.

I said: Hello to you too nice to meet you, my name is Mimi, thank you for letting me stay to your apartment and this is my friend, Tai. She reached her hand and grabbed mine and shook it the same she did with Tai.

She said: You're welcome! Hey, nice to meet you too. Wow, what a gorgeous looking man you have here are you sure he's just your friend? Or is there something else between you?

He blushed immediately, face looking down.

I said: Nope, hehe we're just friends.

She said: Really, are you just friends? Well if I was in your place I would ask him out on a date and when the date is over give him a romantic peck on the cheek.

He blushed again nervously.

I finally said tired of my new roommate flirting with my guardian angel under my nose. I mean, common he was suppose to be my guardian angel, not hers. Wait, did I just

said that, oh my God! I feel so embarrassed right now. Did I felt jealousy spreading down to my body? Oh no!

"Well, what's your name?"

She spoke. "My name is Elisabeth, but you can call me Beth all my friends do call me that." She smiled politely.

Then she continued to talk.

"This is your room, my dear new roommate. You will be staying right here on this very spot and you will be sleeping over there. Look, it has a big window too so you can see the outside world, is that okay for you? We can exchange rooms if you want, just tell me okay? If you do not feel comfortable I will gladly exchange rooms with you."

I said. "Nope, this is fine for me, I like it, this room is so beautiful and the window wow I could see everything from here. Thank you, but I'm comfortable in my own room."

"Suit yourself, as you wish. Your wish is my command."

"Hahaha, thank you, Beth!"

I got a good feeling for this. My roommate is so sweet and polite and regarding the fact that she was flirting with my angel, I think we could get along pretty fine.

A couple of hours later when Tai was not here (he left only to comeback early in the morning, as he promised) me and my

roommate were drinking some drink called coffee and we were chatting. Somehow I felt comfortable seating there and chatting with her. Maybe because I haven't done that in a while well since the courtship I think. The last time I saw my best vampire girlfriend it was on the day they judged me.

I haven't saw her since then.

Then my roommate asked me something I should of totally expect it from her.

"Hey, do you in any case have a boyfriend?"

I stumbled for a while but answered the question honestly.

"Well, I once had a boyfriend but now I have to break up with him. Do you have a boyfriend?"

She spoke. "Nope,I don't have a boyfriend neither. So, what happened to your so called boyfriend, what went wrong?"

"Everything, but I don't really wanna talk about that. Hey, do you wish to come with me while I break up with him and then you could meet him if you want?"

She responded very quickly with an amusing tone of voice.

"Sure, I want to see him alright! Let's go!"

"You mean like now?"

"Yeah, like now. Do you want to break up with him or not ha?

I nodded. Then come on, let's go already."

I spoke. "Okay then, let's go and break up with him for good!" I said with very approving voice and strong-willed opinion. It's time, it's now or never!

So, how do you like it ha? Those who think Mimi and Tai should be together at the end of the story raice your voice now and vote at the poll your opinion matters the most.

Please read, enjoy and review ^_^

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