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Rated: 18+ · Novella · Sci-fi · #2205639
A group of space cadets gets stranded on a world of tiny people!
Chapter Seven: An Unexpected Admirer

The two robots got busy constructing the wormhole generator. After the ore was processed into bricks of copper, gold and platinum by one robot, the other robot formed wiring and constructed the base of the wormhole generator. It was semi-circular, and getting more complete with each passing minute.

Meanwhile, the Lillitopians who were building the statues of Mace and Sapphire were almost done. The faces looked exactly like Mace and Sapphire, and the Lillitopians only needed to polish the surface to finish the statues up.

"We're going to need some iron ore," said Vertragus to Penn and Felicity. "You could probably collect a great deal of it with some of those natural magnets. There should be a lot in those nearby hills. You can download a sensor onto your phone that will detect iron desposits."

"I'll get a team together," said Penn. "I know Mace and Sapphire won't help."

Penn did as Vertragus told him, and downloaded the app on his cell phone that would detect the iron deposits, then he exited the shuttle cruiser and grabbed some magnets. "Who volunteers to go with me and Felicity to collect some iron? Vertragus said we need it for the artificial wormhole generator."

Lazaro and Tegan both raised their hands.

"Okay, let's go!" said Penn, as he tossed some empty carbon fiber sacks at them, and the four of them left.

Mace and Sapphire were left alone with the Lillitopians once again. Mace wore the telepathic control helmet that controlled the robots.

"What are the pros and cons of remaining on Lillitopia after Penn and the others leave?" Mace asked.

"We would be ageless and rule as gods!" said Sapphire.

"And the cons?" Mace asked.

"We would be cut off from our society," Sapphire answered.

Just then, a Lillitopian they didn't recognize before arrived. "Hi there! I think you should remain here permanently!"

"Who are you?" Sapphire asked.

"My name is Scamp," said the tiny man. "I worship thunder giants!"

"Thunder giants?" Sapphire asked.

"Yes!" said Scamp. "People like you are known to us as thunder giants. There is a whole faction of people such as me who worship people like you!"

"But you could end up in our bellies!" said Sapphire. "What do you have to say about that?"

"Some things are worth dying for!" said Scamp, trying to be heard over the sounds of the two robots constructing the equipment.

"I like the sound of that!" said Sapphire, with a sinister smile spreading across her face. Sapphire reached down to scoop Scamp up in her hand, and he didn't resist.

By this time, the circular design of the wormhole generator was coming into shape. It was thicker on the bottom than the top, but it could be seen how it would eventually become a dimensional portal the cadets could easily step through, to travel elsewhere.

The two robots were working furiously, the robot constructing the wormhole generator was working faster than humanly possible.

Meanwhile, Penn and the others made it to the iron deposits, and were using the magnets to collect iron filings. They began to fill their sacks, until they were about halfway filled.

"That's the most I can carry," said Felicity, "this sack is half full, and it's pretty heavy."

"Yeah," said Penn, "mine feels heavy, too. We've collected a lot of iron filings, let's head back to the shuttle cruiser."

When they arrived back at the shuttle cruiser, they were astonished to see the immense progress of the artificial wormhole generator.

"Wow!" said Felicity. "It's nearly finished!"

"Almost," said Vertragus, as he stood on Felicity's right palm, "but we need to get these iron filings processed to help build the framework of the structure. Dump some of those iron filings into the ore processor!"

"You don't tell us what to do, tiny one!" said Sapphire, with Scamp standing on her right palm. "We don't take orders from your kind, we give them!"

"I apologize, mighty goddess," said Vertragus.

"Now that's better!" said Sapphire. "You should take lessons in manners from Scamp, he worships us!"

"Do you know him, Vertragus?" Felicity asked.

From her hand, Vertragus answered: "Scamp is one of the most vocal supporters of worshiping thunder giants like yourselves, we've had a lot of problems with people like him."

"Like what?" Felicity asked.

"If Lillitopians are ever hiding from thunder giants, and Scamp knows where they are hidden, he would give up their positions to the thunder giants. Many Lillitopians have been devoured because of his kind! They betray us!"

"It sounds like we need more of his kind!" said Sapphire, laughing.

Penn dumped some of the iron filings into the ore processing robot, and the robot continued to work while Mace wore the telepathic control helmet. Within moments, the iron filings were melted down and converted into iron bricks, and the second robot took it and manipulated the iron into the size and shape needed to construct the wormhole generator.

"The wormhole generator should be finished earlier than I predicted," said Vertragus. "I wasn't counting on having help from robots. It should be finished some time this afternoon!"

To Be Continued!
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