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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Crime/Gangster · #2205793
A persuasive dialogue challenge for Fall Rising Stars
The sun had practically set and left them in complete darkness. She had broken out in a cold sweat and he was doing his best to calm her. "Nancy, we can't actually do anything about this, there isn't any light left."

"Of course we can't, because you don't want to do anything. It's the desert Tom. And there will be a full moon. We have all the light we need to get this done."

"Do you honestly expect us to actually do this? I don't want to have that kind of blood on my hands."

"As if we both didn't have blood on our hands when we actually did it? You realize the irony of your words right? We already wiped off the actual blood on our hands in the car and you want to speak in metaphors? This literally is nowhere near as bad as that was."

"Yes but we killed him. It happened and we can't undo it, but we could still explain it. I mean it was actually an accident. Right? Sure we were a little intoxicated, but it's the middle of the desert. He had a whole desert to walk in and he picked the damn road to do it in? Not our fault. But if we bury the body, that's a whole new set of problems if we get caught."

"Well first and foremost, stop dragging him on the ground so much. Lift him higher. I feel like I'm the one carrying all the weight. Second, if we bury him, how would we ever get caught?"

"Well if someone comes looking for him..."

"Who? Who is going to come looking for this guy? He's homeless clearly!"

"But what about the car? There's blood everywhere and the dent..."

"We can get that fixed. Cars can be washed. Dents can be beat out. Your friend is a mechanic. We can say we hit a deer."

"In the middle of the desert?"

"Tom you are being so literal. Do we have to tell him it happened in the desert? We could tell him it happened anywhere?"

"Jesus this guy is heavy. It's hurting my back. Wait...what is that? Is someone coming?"

"Just keep moving. We can do this. No one is going to see us. Oh shit, that's a cop he just turned his toplights on."

"I told you we should not have tried to bury him."

"Maybe you were right."

Word count: 403

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