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Chap 2 to chap 1
The next day Lola can feel Lucinda's arrival. Her magic vibrated through the air and woke up Lola at six o'clock am. She was ready to get some answers. She would know the truth. After midnight on Halloween her powers fully emerged and she could feel more, do more than she ever thought possible.

Lucinda rang the doorbell. For Lola that made this even more awkward. Normally Lucinda would just use her key. " I do not understand why you did not use your keys. If this was not bad enough." Lola said quite disturbed. " I am afraid my dear that after your questions are answered you will no longer look at me as you have always, as your ma'am Ma'am" . Lucinda responded.

Lola motioned towards the kitchenette. She had coffee and toast ready. "Julian stopped by and shared some information with me. Now I do not want to hear any lies. I need to know the truth of the it all." Lola practically whined with desperation. At that Lucinda choked on her coffee. " I see" ,Lucinda said with a heavy sigh. " We should start at the beginning. I will try to make it short. After all I am over four hundred years old mind you. I was but a babe when we crossed the ocean to seek shelter From the trials of the old country. I was a little over a hundred when the Salem Witch Trials began. Even then we were in hiding. There used to be 24 families of magical power. However, after the Salem Witch Trials began 12 families where found and tried. It was a very crazy time. So we began to blame others who were of non-magical families due to the fact that they were the ones who accused our 12 brothers and sister families. Some of the more greedy of us pointed fingers at those they can profit from. There were many quarrels between the 12 remaining families. Our family wanted to keep our bloodline strong by only mixing with Mortals on occasion to keep our secrecy . Julian was from a great line of witches and warlocks that have now diminished in magical powers due to The mixing with Mortals for far too long." She paused to dip her toast in her coffee.

" alas I am also afraid that I have betrayed your trust for I am not your aunt but you are a great great great great grandmother. For many generations after the witch trials we wed distant cousins together to keep the line of magic as strong as possible. Your father fell in love with a woman from a lower magical family. Their name is Horiska. When that woman was deemed unworthy he began to court your mother. By the end of the pregnancy he fell in love with her strength and beauty. He tried to take you with him when he went to go be with his first love however the council did not approve of taking our blood with him so in order for him to go he had to let you stay. He came to me and begged me to take care of you and not let the others. I promised I would do my best. I led you to believe that we were the only family of magical power so that maybe you can live with the fact that the family took you from your father. That day I fought for the right to sit at the council to be part of the horde. I thought that being part of our great horde I can protect you in ways I was unable to protect your father. We have kept in touch over the years and he is well aware of all your achievements and the person you are today. He Longs for the day to see you again. I kept you obviously ignorant for a reason so you can make your own choice when the time comes you would not have to know of the feuds that we're from before your time. You see the Castillo's and us have been in a war since the Salem witch trials. In my opinion and we should have mixed a long time ago with our counterparts to keep all lines strong but that has not always been the model for The Horde. Therefore we have not always been on good terms was many other families." Lucinda ended with a heavy sigh.

After a long pause Lola finally spoke. " why did you hide this from me ma'am Ma'am?" "My dear it was our hope. Your father's and mine that if the horde seen you educated the way they wanted they would let me continue to raise you. They would be kept in the dark on how powerful you actually are. We wanted you to have a life for yourself. Which we would not be able to have this conversation otherwise." Lucinda replied. So Julian had been right Lola thought. She could also see the reasoning for the deceit. Her father loved her and so did Ma'am Ma'am. They were protecting her. " I stayed in our congregation because I had 16 children. Only five were born breathing however, only two made it to adult hood. You could not protect children with magic alone. Then my youngest was tried and killed for sorcery in the old country. I have watched my heirs, my family each passing year making sure their needs were met. All but I have gone and lived outside this ... This family. You are my last that I will sit with before I leave." Lucinda declared.

Lola was deeply touched by the love and means her Ma'am Ma'am would go to protect her. Her father fell in love with her mother. She was not an unwanted child. He kept tabs on her. Still why? Why would they go to this length to deceive her? Was it all really in the name of love? Something else had to be going on. Love is motivating but why not just take her too? Why leave her and then finally tell her? What was this about?

Ma'am Ma'am looked so run down after their conversation. Lola felt sorry for her. With a hug and a kiss she escorted her out the door so she could go rest at the hotel she was staying at. It was odd to see her lile this. The purple highlights in her light brown hair looked lighter than normal. She would brew her a potion to help her quiet her nerves. She always did that for her as a child. It was time to give back.

As Lola was brewing Lucinda's nerve potion the door bell rang. It might be Julian she thought to herself with a little more bounce to her step. When she reached the front door and opened it there stood the red head young man from halloween. Lola let out a slight gasp. " Hey, how can I help you?" She said almost automatically. "Actually, umm... I was going to ask you that." He replied while ruffling his hair. "My name is Gavin by the way." He added.
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