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today's politician and their corrupted activity
I'm in this site from Bangladesh,an Asian country,where we have large population,no destiny,people's are uneducated,disconnected from knowledge and world.Here once a political party comes to the power,or unethically capture the power,specially the current rulling party,opresses the opponent political leaders,general public giving false case,bitting using police and army,favoritism in the govt.office posts,high taxation on general people and transfer of money in personal account that comes from donor countries,and all the economical activities goes on from the development ministry.Present pulling party,Bangladesh Awam8legue killing people silently in front of your eyes or hiding.But all these are unknown to the out world.And we're having this situation for over one age(12yrs.),no freedom of speech,no judgment system ,no court,,no people's right.....It is beyond any word to to express.I'm an citizen,an artist,I was also impressed in false case.Now I'm heart disease patient,made this internet the way for earning.
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