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Take yourself through the valley and meadows of enlightenment

A deep valley, encapsulated with numerous trees that plant their roots across hills of meadows that dip and turn for as far as your eye can see. The meadows are filled with thousands of wildflowers and a multitude of colours. A slow calm stream of clear mountain valley water forms a pathway, creating more pathways, sculpting the valley hills to reach the next illuminated waterfall that flows from the valley tips. In the far reaches beyond is a large ocean teaming with life.

You’re stood at the highest point above the dips and curves of the beauty that surrounds it.


Close your eyes and plant your feet in that spot…..
Root yourself

As you stand there with your eyes closed. Your senses come alive. You begin to feel and to see what is real. The soft breeze stroking your skin, the sound of the birds singing become soft songs in your ears, the trickle of the water soothes you as background noise, as the stream quenches the earth’s crust keeping the beauty of all around thriving. Feel the rays of the sunshine warm your skin and the calm sweet surrender to your soul.

Open your eyes….You’re still there.

Now you see the simplicity of life?
Do you think we were created to survive how we do?

In our concrete jungles with our ready-made lives at our fingertips.
We weren’t.

Why do you think we find ourselves when we strip all other matter away from us and just stand in a place of nature’s simplicity?

Because our purpose is to survive but to survive within the abundance of natures plan. We are sore and we are bruised because we fight the natural cause of there is ‘enough for all’. Our planet is dying, our people are losing hope and we live in fear and fight for causes that are not originally created by us. By the lost and the blind. Trying desperately to find a path, a purpose.

If we stand on our meadow valley hill and just listen and feel and see. We find ourselves, we see the simplicity of natures force. We ride against that force, we change it, we try to manipulate it. We ruin it. There will be a point throughout your life, where you will find that meadow valley hill. You’ll stand on top of it because we all go back to our roots. Our roots are the same, we are nature. No different from it. People find enlightenment when they take that journey and find that meadow valley hilltop. It’s just a fancy word for finding the truth of what we are. They have just walked blind for most of their lifetimes and finally discovered the simplicity of who we are and what we actually need to feel soul peace.

We are simple beings that need only simple things.
The moment we complicate it is the moment we stop seeing and feeling and become numb, void, lost, irritated, unfulfilled and restless.

Restlessness is the predominant word. This is what steers us into the things we don’t need for soul peace. When we have soul peace, we have a steady heartbeat, a calmness in our thoughts. A sense of tranquillity and silence all other noise.

We realise all that ‘stuff’ can be gone in a moment and what would we be left with?

A sense of mass loss, a feeling of void, restlessness, thoughts darting and overwhelming our minds into stress. That stress pressures our physical and mental health and we become lethargic, angry at the world and at each other. All because we failed to just stand still and appreciate what we truly are and what we truly need.

Or rather, what we do not need.

Does it matter, what others have?
Does it matter, that the person you loved doesn’t love you the same?
Does ALL that ‘matter’ make any differences or really matter at all?

It doesn’t. Because it only matters when it’s served it ‘purpose’ the very moment it stops, is when renewal must take place. Just like the seasons. Don’t be afraid of change. Just like nature. Growth takes precedence and then it withers and renewal takes place into a new beginning. Everything that does matter lives…..breathes…..grows and withers and cycles through its lifetimes. Just like us. We will only ever truly find contentment when we learn the process of growing and accepting an end and accepting renewal (change) and beginning the cycle once again. It is not laborious because with each renewal which comes by reason, fills your soul with new eyes, ears and experiences.

Next time your running through that quicksand, desperately trying to release the build-up of all those emotions.
Stand still.
Stand on that meadow valley hill, evaluate the cause of those emotions.
Ask yourself, can I change that?
Can I let go of that?
Your answer will be, Yes.

Sometimes, it’s easier to just remove yourself from that situation or from that person’s presence because let's be real. Most our concerns are about a situation or person affecting us. You CAN redirect your path. You just need to give yourself that chance and do it. Build yourself your pathway, for big changes lay each stone one by one. Set out your plan and begin it. Before long and quicker than you could ever imagine, your bridge has been built and you’re walking over it. For the smaller changes, just go for it. Think of that big ocean and dive into it.

Just imagine what you will find!
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