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by Raem
Rated: E · Fiction · Children's · #2206505
In a galaxy far away from ours. What do shooting stars actually represent? A wish? Death?
In a galaxy, far away from the Milky Way, lived a star. The star was known for its illuminating light. The light shone brighter whenever she came across her mother. She radiated and glimmered, danced and twirled around planets, and at the end of the day, she returned back to where her mother was, where she would hear her mother’s melodious voice sing to the dull stars and planets.

The star was lonely. Her only dream was to dance around other planets and sparkle in other galaxies alongside her mother. However, her mother was content with where she was. She told her that she loved to sing to the tiny stars. The shiny star couldn’t help but feel that her mother favored the other stars more than her. And it was then that she began her journey to the other galaxies, without saying a word to the planets or her mother.

The shining star ventured through the darkness, but did not feel like she was in the dark. Her light radiate more than ever in the darkest paths. She twirled and whirled around planets and meteors who only ever knew dimness and shadows. The dim stars followed behind her and danced despite knowing they wouldn’t be seen by her. And it was true, the star loved the attention she was getting from the gloomy cousins of her home-galaxy friends yet did not turn around to face them.

And then…

After passing through several galaxies, the star’s legs began to hurt. She stopped dancing and looked around her to find no one beside her anymore. Not even the dull stars who followed her path were seen. For the first time, in the darkness that engulfed her, she felt alone. Her mother was the first thing that flashed across her mind. Her light slowly began dimming.

A miracle it was when a light suddenly flashed from behind her. The somber star turned around and subconsciously began running back to where she came from. The planets and stars from before were surprised to see a familiar light racing through. Curiosity took over them and a whole galaxy tagged along behind her. She was breathless but still
searched around for her mother.

“Where is mama?”

The planets lowered their heads and the weeps of young stars sounded. The star was not able to hear the tuneful voice singing a lullaby anymore. Her heart raced.

“Mama… used all her remaining energy to shoot across the space.”

A tiny star intertwined her hand with the illuminating star’s hand. Tears welled in her eyes at the sight of her younger sister whom she’s never seen before. It was only then that she realized her blindness by her own light. The reason her mother never agreed to travelling with her was because she had other children to take care of. It was because she had such young children that she always directed her attention towards them more. And most of all, she did not allow her eldest daughter to separate herself from the galaxy because it was there she shone the most. The light that brightened the whole space was her mother’s sacrifice for her to return back. Her demonstration of her longing for her child. Her sign of love and the soft peace she felt when she was beside her, twirling around the planets and stars happily.

Everyone stood behind the eldest daughter and mourned silently. The remains of her mother slowly began fading and before anything, the galaxy became a dark room with a single candle burning on its own. That was how she felt after losing her mother. A candle burning on its own, waiting for its time to come…

It is what we call a ‘shooting star’ and wish upon delightfully, that is actually a mournful tragedy for another.

“Treasure what you have now before it fades away and always remember that where we’re supposed to shine, we will. And where we will only blind others, we shall grow dimmer than ever.”
© Copyright 2019 Raem (imraem at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2206505