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Looking beneath the surface.
There it is
Do you see it?

The twinkle in my eyes gleaming gloriously, looking at life in a different light, unshaded and unfiltered. Life that is just beautifully unrefined and raw, it’s a splendid non-conformity. The vision I prefer to see, in colour, in people, in all that surrounds me. Nature brings us primal beauty and flaws and danger and safe crevices to retreat to, it’s tempestuous waves crash against rocks to shave new layers of stone and the gems are found dotted around the world. Is it any wonder that the most beautiful of those are found in the Earth’s crust, beneath the surface? Just like the beauty in us, is found within. Rubies, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, peridots are more than twenty-five miles beneath the surface of the Earth and if you explore the depths of our oceans you’ll find diamonds and peridots and opals and pearls.

You need to look within
Look beneath the surface to see the beauty that resides
The hidden treasures of what is really there

Are seasons not natures way of renewable growth?

When the leaves change from green to golden shades of copper to brown and wither from its branches that held them up and supported them to bake in the summer sun.

Don’t you think those trees look lonely, without their plethora of leaves and blossom and flowering buds?
Are we not the same when our life changes?

When we suffer the void, the emptiness inside and wither in health before we come out the other side. Enlightened and grown that little bit more and began to shine once again with renewed energy and a fresh mind and new eyes.

As with the sun and the moon, both light, both powerfully important. The sun illuminates to promote growth with radiant energy, the moon powering the oceans in their ebb and flow, supporting life within its power. They create life and they deplete it, with its hurricanes and tsunamis, typhoons, volcanic eruptions and forest fires, our Mother Earth balances itself out. Renewing itself, growing.

We are the same, emotionally erasing, physically adapting and enhancing ourselves. Psychologically nurturing and dispersing what has become us or outgrown us. If we don’t, we become stagnant until one day we are forced to change or cannot stay the same because our soul knows, we must develop. Just like those leaves once had their purpose, just like the shell that kept the pearl secure, just like the Earths deepest ocean within its mantle, protects diamonds and peridots with the layers of stone until they rise from the crust and reveal themselves, that too had its purpose. We are purposeful too, we are changeable too and we need to grow too. When you do, when you’re enlightened, you too will have that twinkle in your eyes and see the colours of life. See thing’s differently, that anything is possible and when you try that something impossible you realise how simple it was, you look in awe and think in wonderment as to why you have never seen or felt that way before and it changes your life and you grow that bit more.

When will be your time to shine?
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2206517