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To love and to labour is the sum of life: Apparently

Would you say the bite for life is present in you?
Would you know where to begin with knowing where it resides in you?
What would you say, is the meaning of life?
What makes it worthwhile?

Responsibility gives meaning to life; it gives purpose. Is one reason

Stoicism is therapy for the emotions, it teaches you to take responsibility for your thoughts, whereby you take control of your emotions. It is a model of strength, integrity and resilience amid adversity and rapid change. It is the way you gain strength, maturity and power internally. Taking responsibilities for your own thoughts and feelings, aiding in your behaviour and how the world interacts with you. Some people misinterpret the sense of power that stoicism can bring and tend to look for that sense of power and control externally by suppressing and segregating anyone they feel threatened by. They are crucially different, because one is about integrity and being strong and resilient within internally and the other is about taking control through the exterior order and defences and egos.

People are feeling lost and questioning life and wondering where their's is leading to and what it is eluding to because our desire to interpret reality to mean what we want it to mean, cannot find a place in the exterior world where it's dominant frame has to stay established by the delusion of what the media and online world have created it to be. The need to excel and propel ourselves in a career, in life in general, to be 'something' to the world and someone begins predominantly in the classrooms with our young influential minds and that process alone goes against our biological forces that parameterize the way that we value and think and feel internally, but he world is waking up at speed and all around us people are isolating themselves more and more, dissociating themselves away from modern society and the orders of the new establishment. People are having thoughts of depression and a feeling of loss because it is a tiring war to fight and they underestimate their own abilities to free themselves which lives inside courage and integrity and resilience within our own internal make-up.

Yet, we need to survive right? Materialistically?

Because the world's engine tells us we have too, we have to pay rent and mortgages to have a home to live in, we have to pay taxes to keep the cog turning.

I wonder what if.........

What if we had what our ancestors used to have. They were primitive, true to their internal actioned resilience and strength and integrity where they fought wars against paying taxes on lands to kings and queens and royals. When they fought against being owned and controlled. Oh, it would be a messy armageddon in this day and age between us and the new world order.
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