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Alex is a professional photographer he makes the most beautiful picture.
Alex used to come to the sea shore at the end of May. He contemplates thoroughly the horizon that takes particular colors at the end of spring so that to make a particular picture. He used to come here since his childhood but each time he comes it is for him as if it were the first time. The sea shore is somehow empty and only few people come there at this period. The sand made of gray grains is laid as a smooth carpet that constitutes a shelter to both shells and starfishes. The waves moving rhythmically in come and go make a mystical sound that appeases the muse and offers a magnificent heavenly view. The seagulls organized in scattered groups pick fishes here and there. Their sounds announce instinctively the coming of summer. On the sand Alex’s feet are carved within such idyllic place.

With bare feet and white wet pants, he prepares himself to make the best picture. He loves to be at the shore near the front waves. He remains amazed and silent as a child. He pushes his tripod deeply in the sand and puts on his sophisticated Kodak camera. He loves to feel the water vibrations towards it. Within such natural area he is searching for the ideal pose.

Alex is a professional photographer and before making the famous picture he takes several ones. He has the flair of the ideal moment when to take the picture. He chooses the moment when the horizon takes a certain tangerine color and when gleams are about to put out but sufficient to lighten a picture. The sun set appears between two cliffs offering a unique landscape. The frame of his zoom is open and time to take the picture is up and he clicks. He has seven pictures now and he selects the famous one with great attention.

Trevor his father used to come here too. He used to draw the most magnificent sun sets. He had gifted fingers. With his brush and the mix of painting colors he released the famous drawing of sun set. Trevor had never sold any drawing even though they were real master pieces. He died as a poor man.

Alex uses to spend a long time consulting his pictures on his computer. The selected famous picture of the sun set is both original and beautiful. Indeed a lost pelican flew and marked its passage towards the sun set. The pelican appears clearly on the picture adding both originality and beauty. It is an exceptional picture indeed. He wants to sell it to the magazine entitled SCIENCE SEVEN. His friend the boss Jimmy wants to keep it for the magazine coverage and wants to offer him five hundred thousand dollars. Alex has sold many pictures and leads a wealthy life.

“I think that reconstituted pictures by computer become more used nowadays, Jimmy says.”
“Indeed, but I prefer traditional camera pictures that are more natural and live, Alex says.”
“I fully agree with you but the pictures market requires technology nowadays Jimmy says.”
“Indeed, but I think that computer pictures cannot preserve their authenticity Alex says.”
“This last sun set picture is unique and excellent. I need many other nature pictures for my magazine, my friend Alex. Can you provide me with more thematic ones as needed by the magazine issues, Jimmy says.”
“Of course Jimmy, Alex says.”

Alex spends hours to realize the best pictures for SCIENCE SEVEN magazine. However he has noticed a worsening of his sight that lacks light. The phenomenon progresses with time. He consults an ophthalmologist when he diagnoses advanced macula degeneration. The doctor is astonished because this disease appears most with old people. Alex is only forty four .
He accepts the fact and envisages following all the offered medicine therapy. However he is sad because he can never watch the sun set any more. That is why he goes there with his friend Jimmy.

“I am sorry Jimmy, I have finished the half of the needed pictures, I hope to continue the rest whenever I would be reestablished, Alex says.”
“Hope so my friend, says Jimmy.”
“Jimmy can you do something for me please, Alex asks”.
“Of course, you are much than a friend Alex and you know this, Jimmy says.”
“Can you lead me to the sea shore, I want to perceive the sun set, Alex says.”

“There Alex says, Jimmy let me here alone for a moment please.”
Jimmy leaves for a moment observing his friend from his car .
Alex looks at the sun set and smiles as he used to do when tangerine color invades the area and the gleams are about to disappear. His corps perceives all the colored lights and interacts suitably with them. It seems as if he were not a blind.
"When Jimmy sees him smiling he rejoined him quickly with a great astonishment and says, have you perceived the sun set?”.
“Alex says, thank you my friend, I have perceived the sun set as if I saw it. It seems to me as if I were normal. I am very happy.”
“Alex, I will lead you to a famous ophthalmologic hospital to do a surgery. They have created a certain puce which is linked to the brain and lets someone see normally.”

“At home Brian asks his father Alex when tears invade his eyes, dad you will never see me, how it can be?”
“I will always see you with my heart my dear son, Alex says and hugs him.”
At the hospital Alex is seen by two specialists. All the blood exams are OK. However the anesthetist notices that Alex presents a genetic predisposition allergy to anesthesia products when he assesses his genetic card(DNA investigation). He cannot do the surgery. Alex is completely desperate and it seems to him that his career is failing apart like a card castle.
Both Beatrice his wife and Jimmy are beside him.
“Look Alex, a scientist has written an article about Melanopsin and its particular impact on blinds and has created some performed devices that allow them to see. Albert Alan is a researcher at Colorado University. I think there is a hope my friend, Jimmy says.”
“A smile lightens the dark desperate Beatrice’s face and she says, we should reach him quickly dear”.
“Alex says, look I do not want to bear a hope for something elusive.”
“Jimmy says, we lose nothing to reach Professor Albert.”
“Alex says, OK.”

“When Brian sees his father returning from the hospital he says, dad you see me now?”
“With trembling hands, a dark face and tears Alex hugs his son closely hiding his tears and says, didn’t I tell you that I see you with my heart honey? Nothing has changed.”
“Alex I have just fixed an appointment with the professor Albert Alan, he will meet us next Monday, Jimmy says.”
“With a radiant face, love, shining eyes and a smile on her lips, Beatrice looks at Alex and says it is perfect my dear.”

In Colorado, they meet Professor Albert Alan.
“Nice to meet you professor, Jimmy and Alex say.”
“Nice to meet you too, Professor Albert Alan says. He continues, I am about to finish a book about macula degeneration. I have discovered interesting things. As I have created many kinds of devices for blinds. This one enhances the captivation of light. The amplification of light allows melanopsin retina release in great quantity. It stimulates brain centers and then a blind person can perceive easily light colors. It is very promising. Indeed other devices are about to be created and perform the entire real images in the retina due to complex processes.”

“He adds, here it is your device and I think you can take some pictures with it too. Indeed these sophisticated pair of glasses let you distinguish the different light colors. They are linked with this little device. This later reconstitutes the picture by a numeric process in order to settle the perfect image that the brain recognizes.The pictures are automatically recorded. The device has a wide memory storage capacity of 10.000 GO and you can refresh it each time.You can gain a certain autonomy because you can see things with much light. However it still lacks some sight precisions. All you have to do is to put them on and to let such little device in your pocket. Would you like to do a trial Mr. Alex, he asks.”

With trembling hands, Alex takes the glasses. With a great hesitation he puts them on. He perceives a great light emanating from the window and instinctively he turns towards the window.
“Professor says it is perfect.”
“Wow I perceive the sky and the sun light but I cannot do a precise distinction of the objects however I can see much better overall, he says.”
“It’s good, professor replies. We are doing gigantic endeavors in order to allow blinds to see normally. I want to meet you in a month. We are going to do a great symposium with physicians and many multidisciplinary researches. I think we will surprise blinds and bring them the miracle, a new device that will revolutionize blind sight, he continues.”
“A great smile is seen on Alex's face and he replies, thank you so much professor. These glasses allow me to walk and to make some pictures too.I will gain a great autonomy indeed.”
“See you in one month Alex, take care, professor says.”

Alex returns to the sea shore and he regains hope when the sun set is more distinguished with the glasses. He takes the first picture that technology process will make and finalize at the end. He knows that it is not as the first time where he was the only designer of the picture but he is happy to be able to see the sun set. It is more distinct and perceived with these glasses.

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