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Mario took a picture of children playing in Roma plaza.
“Mario, wait please, Jacque says”.
“Hello Jacque, Mario says with astonishment.”
“Listen Mario, I have just received a call from Brian. He needs you urgently.”
“What’s the matter with Brian?”
“I think he wants to buy your last picture you did in Roma”.
“My last picture you say? He has never shown any interest in pictures. He is a pure administrator, Mario says.”
“You know Mario, he is bizarre. He shows some anxiety and he frequently meets our boss John these last times, Jacque says.”

Last year Mario participated in an international picture contest. He went to Roma. He took a wonderful picture of some children playing in a public place full of doves at Plaza Giovanni 26. He earned the first prime.
“When I took the picture last year, I had noticed two men following me. Fortunately I took a cab to the metro station, Mario says.”
“The public place was crowded. There were many tourists. Children used to play there. It was a sunny day. The springy climate added a jovial ambience there. When you see the picture you notice all these details, it is a vivid picture indeed, Mario adds”.
“That is why Brian wants to buy it urgently. It should be costly, Jacque says.”
“Can I see it? He adds.”
“Of course, Mario says.”
“I worked previously with a company. The main work is the drawing expertise. I have five years of experience there, Jacque says.”
“You have never talked to me about it, Mario says.”
“Why have you withdrawn from this company? Mario asks”.
“Ho! The boss was a great drawing trafficker. He did imitations of some famous drawings and sold them as if they were the original, Jacque responds.”
“OK! Here is the picture, Mario says.”
“Please can you let it to me for an expertise for one week, Jacque says.”
“OK! It is all right, Mario says.”

Years ago, Mario did a photographer training in Japan. He spent two years there. Professor Akio was a real picture master.
“Mario says, this is what he taught us, a picture should be spontaneous, natural and reflects a specific reality in a space and time, Akio said”.
“This is what he used to repeat to us during his courses, Mario says.”
Akio was a great artist drawer too. He successfully joined the two arts. That is why his pictures were live and clear. He made masterpieces in fact.
Mario remembers that day when Akio advised him.
“He told him, a picture has diverse plans and angles and you should focus on them so that to give a thematic to your picture”.
Mario watched the different pictures taken in Japan. When he sees the picture where the beautiful Fuji appears, tears flooded his eyes. She was her beloved.

“Mario would you come urgently please, his boss calls.”
“Mario says, it is just six AM, what’s the matter, is it about the picture too?”
“You have to come now please. It is important, he responds.”
Mario arrives at the office when he finds Italian police in the head’s office.
“Good morning! What’s up boss, says Mario.”
“The Italian police want to dialogue with you, John says.”
The police ask some questions to Mario about the picture. They accuse Mario directly that the picture has been taken with a certain purpose. Also they wonder if Mario has any link with some Italian criminals especially with a certain Mr. Lorenzo. The later is researched by the Italian police.
“Mario responds to the police completely exhausted, no, no and no”.
“What’s the matter with my picture? Mario receives no responses and the police leave.”

Jacque comes to the office and his glance hides something serious about Mario’s picture. It is evident.
“Mario asks Jacque, what’s up Jacqui?”
“Sorry boss can I leave with Mario now, we have an important duty in the company, says Jacque.”
“Being at Mario office, Jacque says to Mario, I have spent the entire week doing expertise on your picture. You are in a bad situation my friend.”
“Mario, what have you discovered in the picture Jacqui?”
“There is an artifact on your picture. With the first picture plan of the children playing in the plaza there is an important background. I have used a sophisticated means and image assisted by computer. That is in order to make evident such plan.”
“Two men were struggling and one of them noticed you. He was looking with a threatening glance towards the frame zoom direction. The man is Lorenzo. A great criminal researched by the police. That is why they want your picture. You cannot publish it anywhere. My friend you have missed your lesson from your professor Akio who used to say to you: you should make the picture not take it, says Jacque.”
“What? Can you show me this, Mario says.”
“Of course, tonight come at home at seven O’clock, Jacque says.”
“That is why I was persecuted by two men. Fortunately I took the metro when the men missed it, Mario replies.”
“Where you first published it, Jacque asks.”
“I published it in Tokyo magazine, a year ago, Mario says.”

When Mario comes to Jacque‘s home, he notices someone running to reach him.
Mario is flabbergasted. He enters the home quickly.
“Jacque asks him, what’s the matter?”
“He reveals him that he is still persecuted.”
“Jacque suggests to Mario to hire an attorney and to give the picture to the police with all the author‘s rights. As that he should decline any responsibility about the artifact on the picture, this is the only solution, he says.”
“Mario, you are right indeed.”
“Jacque I have failed in my job. I do not want to practice my job as a photographer any more. This is the end, says Mario.”
“Jacque says, you remain a good photographer overall. Because of your picture the Italian police are able to arrest Lorenzo. Someone learns from his mistakes indeed. You should continue in such art my friend.”
Mario goes to the police and in his spirit his professor’s speech remains: “Do not take a picture you should make it.”
“Mario decides now more than ever, to create an album of nature pictures. He intends to put a title: My made nature pictures.”

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