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Are fake facts more interesting? Can there really be such a thing?
Why? Why Not? Fake Facts Are More Interesting Than Real Ones.

Does this include fake news, I wonder? Gossip? Or just made-up facts about things? In the end does it really matter? They all share a similarity.

Fake facts thrive on imagination. A word, a sentence taken out of context, and the sky's the limit. Imagination can fill in the before and after so well, and it does time and time again. It's entertaining, after all, if not positively scandalous!

Then, thinking about things, items, something a bit out of the ordinary. We can make all sorts of claims about them. Just the other day there was a recent example concerning shatter-proof glass. The fact that the claim was proved to be totally false didn't do much to dampen the orders - if anything, the extra coverage the shattering brought about might have brought more attention to this individual product. (How so many of these extortionate vehicles can be sold is another story.)

So fake facts are more interesting because that is all they are for. Their sole purpose is to attract attention, whether in regard to news, celebrities, products or even neighbors.

Facts don't have the same type of pazazz. There's very little imagination involved in facts themselves. They are what they are: they exist to educate and inform. There's no scandal, no whispered asides; nothing more than cold hard data.

It doesn't have to be that way though. People would be so much more receptive to facts if they were delivered in an entertaining way. When my sons were young, there were these books that set about teaching facts in a way that would be enjoyable to read, and hopefully would be more memorable because of that. The two series that spring to mind were 'Murderous Maths' and 'Horrible Histories', the latter becoming a TV series too.

Returning to the car (sorry Elon, but it was broadcast all over the place), we got to learn the facts in a pretty entertaining and memorable way when the 'fake' was so thoroughly demonstrated.

The thing to remember is that a fake fact is an oxymoron; it's completely contradictory and at best should be seen as faction, if not fiction.

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