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Desolate, snow covered landscape approaching town. Zoom down to view of cemetery gates. Hearse enters slowly followed by small red car and police 4x4. Follow cortege to graveside.

SHIRLEY ADAMS is a social worker. Thirty something, smartly dressed. She exits driving seat of red car and moves to passenger side to help ...
JOHN BAXTER is an elderly man, frail, needing Shirley's support in the slippery conditions. Both move to graveside.
SHERIFF BOB HARRIS in uniform, joins them.

Four pall bearers carry the coffin from hearse to graveside. A MINISTER in full robes follows.


The Baxters built their homestead at the water hole, that came to be known as Baxter's Hollow, in a time when Indians still roamed the forests.

For generations the Baxter men have chosen strong women to carry on their line. Martha Baxter was the last survivor of this breed. Now, she too has gone to the happy hunting ground.

For as much as it has pleased Almighty God to take out of this world the soul of Martha Baxter, we therefore commit her body to the ground.

JOHN is trying but failing to stand to attention. Minister's words fade out, music fades in. John throws handful of dirt in grave. Music fades out.

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, looking for that blessed hope when the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God, and the dead in Christ shall rise first.

Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so shall we ever be with the Lord, wherefore comfort ye one another with these words.

                   SHIRLEY ADAMS
It's time to go, John.

Shirly takes John's arm and tries to lead him away.

Don't wanna go. Oh Martha, why did you have to die.

Come on now, don't make a fuss. You'll catch your death out here.

But I wanna go home.

Now, John, we've talked about this. You can't look after yourself. You'll like it at Shady Pines once you get used to it.

I'll never get used to it, they’re all gaga.

Now, now, John, they’re nice people. You’ll soon make friends.

But Baxter's Hollow is my home. It's where my girls are.

BOB HARRIS gives John a suspicious look.

SUBTITLE: One year ago.
INT: Farmhouse kitchen, open fire, chair beside it. Late fall. JOHN in chair reading paper with unlit pipe in his mouth. MARTHA BAXTER busy cooking.

Call Chloe in, John, supper's almost ready.

John is reading his paper and ignores her.

John, it's getting dark outside and supper's almost ready. Will you please go and get the girl.

John slowly rises and moves stiffly to door, opens it. Wind blows in.


EXT: Farmyard - dusk
John coming out of the door. Follow John across small garden, along pathway, past woodshed, then barn to edge of waterhole where swing hangs from tree.


Wind rustling, shadows thrown over water, John shivers then retraces his route, falters when he comes to the woodshed.

John enters house.

INT: Farmhouse kitchen

Has she come indoors?

John moves to the fire.

No, can't you find her?

Martha takes a pot from the stove and wipes her hands on her apron.

She has to be out there somewhere. Go check the barn, maybe she's hiding.

John puts on a sheepskin jacket and goes to door.

EXT: Farmyard -Twilight

John walks to barn and struggles to open the door.

INT: Barn - dark

Entering, John gropes for an oil lamp hanging just inside, reaches in his pocket for his matches, lights the lamp. He moves around the barn then hears noise in a dark corner. It is rats.

Must put some traps down.

John extinguishes the lamp and exits barn.

EXT: Farmyard - nearly dark
Moves to woodshed, quick look inside, then returns to house.

INT: Farmhouse

John enters from farmyard. Martha enters kitchen, anxious.

Where is she, John?


SUBTITLE:11 years ago
INT:Seedy bar. FRANKIE BAXTER is 17 years old and wayward. Also in the bar are HERBY WALK, BARMAN, and various other men. FRANKIE has her arm around two men.


So, which of you boys is gonna buy me a drink?


Get the lady whatever she’s drinking

BARMAN reluctantly poured the rye whiskey and put it in front of her. She downed it in one.


Now, which o’ you is gonna dance with me?

From the corner booth HERBY watched as his girl slow danced with the stranger. He couldn’t fail to miss the guy’s hands wondering down to cup her behind, or the fact that Frankie made no attempt to stop him. As the music stopped the pair headed back to the bar, Frankie needing a supporting arm to make it.


Another drink for the lady

HERBY moves over to the bar.


Make that a coffee, I think you’ve had enough for one night


Who do you think you are?


The guy she’s going home with

EXT:Front of the Baxter homestead. Late night. HERBY and FRANKIE are entwined in a passionate kiss. JOHN enters from house.


Frankie, do you know what time it is? Get yourself into the house, girl

FRANKIE ignores him and continues to kiss HERBY.


When I tell you to come in, you do as you're told

JOHN grabs FRANKIE by the arm and pulls her toward the house.


Go home, boy, and don’t come round here again


Night, Herby

JOHN drags FRANKIE into the house.

SUBTITLED:A month later
INT:Hallway of the Baxter house. Front door is open. FRANKIE and HERBY stand in the doorway. A suitcase stands beside them. JOHN and MARTHA stand in the hallway.


Poppa, Momma, Herby and I got married

FRANKIE displays the ring.


And where do you think you're gonna live?


Poppa, we're gonna live here, of course


Over my dead body. Son, you're a married man now. You gotta take responsibility for your wife. Get yourself a job and find somewhere of your own to live.

I got me a job, Sir, at the store, but it don' pay enough for us to rent our own place

The job you're so proud of, boy, is little more than errand boy; the sort of job you take while you're still in school, not a man's job at all


[quote}I guess your wife's gonna have to work as well.

John slams the door.

You can't just disown her like that, she's our baby.

Martha starts to cry.

It's time she learnt to stand on her own two feet. You've spoilt her Martha. Now she's Mrs. Walk, she's Herby's responsibility.

INT: The Baxter Farmhouse - late evening.

John sits in his chair, Martha is pacing and BOB HARRIS stands between them taking notes.

When did you last see your grand-daughter, Ms Baxter?

She came in for lunch around one. We had baked potatoes. I suggested she might like to make some cakes after, but she wanted to go with John.

Chloe's a bit of a tomboy. Just like her mother.

And did she go with you, John?

She came with me to the wood shed. I had logs to chop. I asked her to stack them in the store and said that after she could play on the swing. There won't be much chance to play outdoors once the snows come.

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