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by Jacky
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2206965
Flash Fiction
Cinnamon Buns

“What are star-crossed lovers anyways? I don’t get it.” Megan said, as she and her Grandmother sat down at the table in the local coffee shop.

“Well,” Gram said, “many people believe in astrology, and that the stars predict our future. That they plan out things and use people to make those things happen.”

“The stars...which are actually other suns... using people, on our puny little planet, to make things happen?”

“Well, it started in the olden, olden days. They didn’t know as much about stars and planets then.”

“Ok. So, what’s the crossed part mean?”

“Well, I’m guessing it meant that the star, or stars had different jobs for the two people, but at some point, the plans had to cross just long enough for the two to meet and fall in love.”

“Well, that would be good, right?”

“Not really, because the rest of the two plans required the lovers to do other things, and then they had to be parted, from then on, forever.

“That’s harsh!”

“Star crossed. That’s why they call it that.”

Just then the waitress came by. “What will it be?”

“One coffee and one hot chocolate, please. Do you want anything else, Megan?”

“Yes!” Megan said, turning in her seat, “I’ve had my eye on those cinnamon buns in the case!” but as she looked, the other waitress, was handing the last one to a boy standing at the counter.

The boy turned and as he walked by, taking a big bite, he saw them and said, “Hi Megan!”

“Oh Megan, I guess that was a star-crossed cinnamon bun...” Gram said, kind of chuckling.

“It’s worse...” said Megan quietly, “that boy's Christopher Waters. I’ve had a crush on him since first grade, and he’s never even remembered my name before...
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