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a woman that can't conceive
Harley couldn’t have children after a lot of tears and failed attempts. After talking to her husband Evan. They made an appointment with Dr. Alana Cranmer.
Arriving at the doctor’s office, it was pristine. The office was white in color, There was a table for a patient to lay on to check the woman’s body. “Hi,” Harley said.
“Good morning,” Dr. Cranmer smiled as she said this.
“I need your help,” Harley said.
“What can I do for you? “ Dr. Cranmer said.
“Well,” Harley says after taking a deep breathe, “As you probably read in my file.”
“You realize that I have endometriosis,”
“We want children, but I haven’t been able to still conceive,”
` “Well there is freezing your eggs and having one egg implanted in your uterus,”.
“Do they have a program to help with the cost<”
“Well, we can check into some donors, and they may subsidize the cost,” Dr. Cranmer advised.
“We are interested, Most assuredly,’ Evan said.
“But you would have to be serious about all the treatments and not back out,”
“We won’t back out,”
“Fine, we will see what we can do?”
“Thank you,”
Afterw aiting a while the phone rang. Harley answered the phone, “Hello.”
“Can you come January 10, 2021.’ Dr. Cranmer asked.
Harley smiled and said,” Yes we’ll be there its only 3 weeks away after 5 years of trying I’m sure we can wait another 3 weeks.”
“Great be here.”
They arrived at her office. The operation was successful.
Harley gave birth, 9 months without any difficulties. She named her Alana out of respect for the doctor.
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