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Rated: 13+ · Non-fiction · Opinion · #2207228
It was enlightening to finally grasp my reason to keep living and working.
Surviving for Fun (draft 1)
Thursday, October 31, 2019 Multiman
Now, I'm not one to just idly let out platitudes and lazily claim what such huge things as 'happiness' or 'life' 'is'. Those sayings are ludicrous, black-and-white, and broad or overgeneralized. It's not that simple. BUT, it is sufficient to at least ADD Curiosity/Learning as an actual human need for prosperity and long term survival, without a doubt. Curiosity/yearning to learn and answer the natural and essential mode of quesitoning easily takes the role of the quintessential 'reason' for life - whether this means discovering new artforms/creativity expansion or to finally answer fundimental and heavy questions about science and metaphysics. This is THE propelling force for mankind's progress and always has been. Curiosity provides the REASON to survive - not the other way around as to say that survival is just our only reason to live. No. There's a reason this survivalist view seems so empty and cold and pointless: It is missing the second leg of the model - to find the answers to our curiosities (which includes creation and exploration). Essentially, whether said explicitly or implied, this essential factor is also known as FUN. For what other reason besides the avoidance of death do we seek the essentials like food, water, and shelter? Why does our body want to survive so badly (or at least why has our species (physically) been programmed to expand and persist and continues to do so without hesitation? It sure isn't to hunt carabou and pick berries all day just to sleep in a cave. Look at how far we have come and how much better things are progressively and how much more we know now just from our drive for knowledge and discovery. Doesn't this say something about our race? We don't even need to get into Biocentrism to observe that men are creators of their own worlds and continues to push their parameters infinitesimally. I mean, What kind of orchestra plays a symphony without the preceding drive and voluntary work to assemble the instruments and learn the mechanics of sound? Step A always comes before step B. And I've noticed that in our modern factionalized global, cynical attitude, we focus far too much upon the side-effects and errors in humanity's perpetuity. World war and corruption are commonplace, whereas even mentioning something like unity or peace almost always gets shut down as impossible or a weak thumbs up with a pessimistic undertone. Neither extremes were ever effective nor possible. World peace and complete global hatred are both unrealistic and out of the picture when discussing the complexity and sociology of humanity's progression. However, THIS IS NOT A BAD THING ALL TOGETHER - the fact that we cannot have a 100% family while elemental human nature continues. Wars are unfortunate in their individual circumstances, safely to say. On a wider and more objective scope, on the other hand, these disagreements can also be viewed in general as evolution and polishing of cultures among other ways to perceive. There are so many ways to perceive everything, and in the effort of doing so, one will find the comforting fact that almost if not all things work not in true or false; yes or no; a or b and so forth. Instead, there are numerous KINDS of answers, being instead made of onion layers of truths that then provides a pallette of OPTIONS for solutions. This is unarguably true as a principle of logic. It is only cogninively where man too often limits himself. In other words, I say drop the total peace or total war or 'survival instinct rules- modes of thinking. Instead of this up or down, let's go sideways to find the various and interesting combinations of existing and functioning with our shared drive for discovery/creativity - the ultimate reason for survival. As for me, I yearn for answers for my questions in addition to the myriad of creative ideas buzzing around in my head. These things are my reasons I work daily and do chores and life maintenance. My reasons for living now far outweigh - and give meaning to - the struggles and efforts I endure I can now honestly state that I survive for fun.
How many times have you heard THAT? Surviving for fun. Not much I bet.

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