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My feelings when I got gift ,a n upgraded membership
I started journey here not knowing the rules. I started writing to talk about those problems that creates headache everyday, but suddenly it was stopped. I needed to express, my ideas,my likings, my dreams, difficulties,my sense of judgement, my grievance but.........I discovered that I can get an opportunity to write after one month time, I do some review work here. In the meantime, I got a gift of upgraded membership ! Well !This is a good morning for me really.Anyway,thanks to the buddy who gave this gift. Thanks a lot.
As I told that I'm not writer, I had few songs and poems written in my language, not in English.Because English is not my language at all. Like so many nations we have our own language. General people and state also give importance to this.They don't know much of international language,can't read, write or speak in English or other languages fluently.But I'm writing in English,don't know very well,and I do need to visit Google translator to find the meaning of unknown words.It frequently happened when I was reviewing. I had fun thinking I am reviewing English stories and poems ! I don't know as much author self knows .So you do understand what is my position.But my view was to earn money.I visited so many sites.But there's no scope of earning money and everywhere needed upgrade of membership for money. I won't get money but I 'll have to pay?This made me cruel.In my country, corruption and corruption,so complicated to live a live as the cost of standard of living increasing. No scope for earning money in an honest way. You see that I'm a post graduate in my country Bangladesh,from best university where even so many student from different country comes to study. But I have got no job, unemployed.
Actually,I'm a musician,I produce and record all the parts of my songs, in a known website.But I can't give link here for the restriction.I also do art works,but all these I do for money !The most challenging thing I had ever ! So, the question of upgrading membership for money create fear in my eyes, I can't see the alphabets.....Oh!.....I'll have to spend money?But not sure ,should I earn a cent even !
I wrote this in a previous article,what should I gain from this writing.Well, at least I can tell about my story of failure to attain a goal,I reached near the door, knocked but couldn't open and see the view of a beautiful morning when sun shines with a smile on his face.
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