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My account of the Locus Field
{First Locus Field Experiment and accidental discovery. Unity properties increase in research potential extensively.}

[Lab Report L1]:

M’s account of experiment/event:

It was a total success. There isn’t a single ambiguous thing that happened that night that requires more testing - at least for us two to be utterly convinced now rather than a speculative pessimism mixed with excitement. What Ty and I experienced this night, if somehow we could have had another person as a control group there, would leave modern scientists in awe and wide eyes as they rethink Schrödinger’s cat and literature against an unbiased dumb/dead universe. The entire room became filled with some sort of obvious bit unseeable field of energy - much like the feeling of static electricity, except the tingling penetrated both our bodies, especially our heads. The sensations, head the most, demonstrated very clear synergy upon looking at each other wide eyed. Our excitement and some other mental process or processes at that moment was so powerfully stimulating that we both needed to stand up. There wasn’t any fear accompanying this experiment, only curiosity and captivation because this was unlike anything we had ever experienced - in the type of stimulus nor thought process. None of this was chemically induced, nor was any of this anticipated or intended.
We proceeded to slowly walk in a circle like opposite sides of a bonfire in amazement for well under 60 seconds before another shocking operator came over us: we felt completely weightless, even while standing. It wasn’t like a dream like state or any other depersonalization nor anesthesia I’ve ever undergone - not even close. I was leaving my body, and so was he. We even began speaking slower and mocking the illusion of separation (hear audio), pointing at each other back and forth with mild laughter saying, hi, and ,there you are, and so forth, this only lasted well under 20 seconds before we lost control of our speech and awareness of our senses all together - including vision. The light in the room around me blurred into what I Can only remotely describe as a sort of ‘standby’ state of, again, blurry light, which I paid no attention to, nor did I think about usinf my eyes or any senses or concentration entirely. I felt timeless and a sort of relieving relaxation of satisfaction and just pure being. Linguistics cannot even begin to suffice in describing this experience; language hasn’t been even nearly prepared for such a hidden yet real factor of natural existence. I was timeless. I was not in my body which could technically be described as passing away or death. In certainly felt the existence of all of my loved ones as a reaffirming that everyone’s going to be okay and everything is alright. That is hardly an explanation sufficient to describe the conscious intelligence flow I had/was. Timeless. I could have been there for a century and not even thought about it - again demonstrating the non existence of time as an external condition under which we live. The fact that Tyler had the same experience at the same time in different bodies/brains opens us an entirely new magnitude of reverence and seriousness as to the implications of what this experience have just revealed to us about reality. To address and conquer probably mankind’s greatest fear and curiosities: the nature of death and the reality of hereafter. Soon (I don’t know how long exactly we were elsewhere, but it felt like a very long vacation of a sort) Tyler and I “came back” in a different part of the room, and ty says something like “alright its time to go back to separate mode” (hear audio). The tingling feeling process reversed this time, starting intense and then gradually wore off back into our normal human perceptions, which felt like a night and day difference - almost uncomfortably not used to being in the bodies.
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Locus Field/Gateway Network Theory:
Status = Proven correct in All parameters in questions
Logical conclusion and meaning of the result = A person’d essence or consciousness/ Life persists unfazed after death with remembrance of experiences.
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